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I’m a terrible designer, so I focus on writing Vizzy code to make stuff easier. Also... LEGOS!

Lego Collection:

White Dragon Horse Bike

Bat Boat

Penguin Duck Boat

Anakin's Jedi Starfighter

Satellite Service Shuttle


Benny's Spaceship

Lego Roadmap:

Star Wars Episode I

Droid Fighter
Flash Speeder
Battle Droid Carrier
Anakin's Podracer
Sith Infiltrator
Trade Federation AAT
Gungan Sub
Mos Espa Podrace
Trade Federation MTT
Watto's Junkyard
Naboo Starfighter + Vulture Droid
Trade Federation MTT (long-term goal)
Sith Infiltrator
Republic Cruiser
Naboo Starfighter
Sith Infiltrator
Anakin & Sebulba Podracers
Gungan Sub
Battle Droid Troop Carrier
Flash Speeder
Naboo Starfighter
Sith Infiltrator
Anakin's Podracer

Star Wars Episode II
Star Wars Episode III
Star Wars Episode IV

Tantive IV (long-term goal)
Imperial Star Destroyer (long-term goal)
Sandcrawler (long-term goal)
T-16 Skyhopper (coming soon!)
Landspeeder (coming soon!)
Obi Wan's Hut (coming soon!)
Mos Eisley Cantina (coming soon!)
Midi-Scale Millenium Falcon (in progress)
Millenium Falcon (long-term goal)
TIE Fighter
Darth Vader's TIE Fighter
Death Star (long-term goal)

Star Wars Episode V

Hoth Wampa Cave
Hoth Rebel Base
Echo Base
Hoth Echo Base
Hoth Medical Chamber
Mon Calamari Starcruiser
TIE Bomber
Slave I
Slave I
Slave I
Yoda's Hut
Twin Pod Cloud Car
Cloud City
Betrayal at Cloud City
Carbon Freezing Chamber

Star Wars Episode VI

Jabba's Message
Jabba's Prize
Jabba's Palace
Jabba's Palace
Jabba's Sail Barge
Jabba's Sail Barge
Rancor Pit
Desert Skiff
Desert Skiff
Desert Skiff
X-Wing + Dagobah
TIE Interceptor
B-Wing Fighter
A-Wing (small)
A-Wing (very small)
Imperial AT-ST
Imperial AT-ST
Speeder Bikes
Ewok Attack
Ewok Attack
Battle of Endor
Ewok Village
Imperial Shuttle
Imperial Shuttle
Death Star Final Duel

Star Wars Episode VII
Star Wars Episode VIII
Star Wars Episode IX


Automatic Launch, Rendezvous, and Dock with any craft, any orbit, any planet (within craft limits)

Status: In Progress, v1.1 Released
- V1.1 only works in limited cases and really only with the uploaded craft (SimpleCargo)
- The main difficulty I'm trying to resolve in v2.0 is matching of phasing orbits. The math keeps eluding me, and I know it's something simple...

Canadarm (or equivalent) that is capable of manipulating and docking modules

Status: Not Started
- This one is going to take some serious Vizzy coding, and my geometry skills are not up to it yet
- This Video shows a little bit about why it's so challenging...

Automated Lunar Gateway system

Status: Not Started
- Requires my Automated Launch, Rendezvous, and Dock program to be completed
- I'll likely have to source most of the crafts from others, unless I want to create the entire thing with LEGOs... muhahaha (see below)

Lunar Starship (capable of unloading astronauts and other stuff)

Status: Not Started
- This one is really just a guilty pleasure. I'm a SpaceX fanboy at heart, but I try not to do too much because in general others have done it WAY better

Camera trick portfolio using Vizzy (for making movies easier)

Status: In Progress, Example Single-Shot Video w/ Basic Camera Controls
- Videos are kind of a pain to make, and I find the most difficult part to be getting just the right camera angles for launch. The built-in camera modes are pretty good (especially cinematic), but I often find that I want some other sweep effects special angles that are difficult to get and maintain.
- Enter this project. With the new Vizzy updates, one can directly control the camera positioning, mode, and zoom.

Functioning Lightsaber collection

Status: In Progress, Proof of Concept
- Another guilty pleasure. Don't want to overdo the Star Wars thing, but I always thought it would be cool to give those astronauts some extra firepower...

Universal PID module

Status: In Progress (in my head)
- Think of this as the SR2 version of the one ring to rule them all. I've used PID control extensively in my crafts, but I always find I have to create a bespoke version each time. I'd much rather have a universal control that I can plug in easily to my Vizzy programs. This is probably easier than I think, but it's eluded me thus far.


Status: In Progress, Playable Color Organ
- I found that jet engines have a specific pitch range that can be controlled using the throttle setting.
- My proof of concept was a replica of the Close Encounters Color Organ (craft and video)

Personal Note:

I only have this game on iPhone, so please forgive cross-platform errors in my coding or crafts. I absolutely love everything about this game, because it satisfies my love of gaming, math, and programming all at once. Thanks Andrew Garrison and team for creating such a gem!

I have a YouTube Channel, but I only use it to upload videos to this forum

Stuff I'm Saving For Later:

Standard Post Structure (for my use)


Insert craft description/background, including links to any relevant crafts or content, or credits to other players.

  • Include Vizzy features, AG descriptions

  • Describe how to launch the craft, if it’s not self-explanatory

  • Include any weird glitches, use of tinker panel, or future opportunities for improvement

Check out my crafts and videos

Notes for Myself to Easily Access:

LEGO Build Guide:
  1. Fuel tanks for main building, struts for internal/external studs and other components
  2. Turn off drag and collisions for all extra components to reduce physics load
  3. Reduce mass of extra components to make CoM easier to account for
  4. Assemble all parts
  5. Name only the main fuel tanks same as the bricklink ID and description
  6. Check and deactivate snap points except for studs
  7. Group all parts
  8. Create sub and name same as bricklink ID and description