This is a replica of the Lego Penguin Duck Boat from the Batman collection. This is a precursor to an upcoming craft later in the week. If you like this, also check out my other Lego creations.

  • Minifigure Penguin with top hat!
  • Activation Groups for rocket engine, interior and exterior lighting, a helm camera quick link, and a stabilizer
  • Vizzy program to stabilize the buoyancy and make it fast (top speed ~40m/s)

  • Here is a short video showing the craft jumping off a ramp. Pretty straightforward operation; just increase throttle and go! It has enough thrust to take off and reach orbit, if you turn off the stabilizer.

  • I have used tinker panel mainly to improve physics (disabling drag and collisions on all of the exterior studs) and get the CoM just right without messing with the Lego structure
  • To make this a functional craft I had to include fuel reservoirs and gyroscope using size and mass scaling.

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  • Created On: iOS
  • Game Version: 0.9.404.0
  • Price: $2,402k
  • Number of Parts: 173
  • Dimensions: 2 m x 4 m x 3 m


  • Total Delta V: 18.4km/s
  • Total Thrust: 498kN
  • Engines: 1
  • Wet Mass: 667kg
  • Dry Mass: -168,638kg


Stage Engines Delta V Thrust Burn Mass
1 1 18.4km/s 498kN 15.9m 667kg


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    U did it agaIn lol

    +1 2.0 years ago
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    12.0k FACHRI789


    +1 2.0 years ago
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    40.3k Gozinya

    Haha that’s a feature not a bug :D.

    +1 2.0 years ago
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    So after a little bit of testing I do not recommend going full throttle as the duck seems to want to return to its people in the sky!!!

    +1 2.0 years ago
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    Now just like all the other LEGO crafts I must find something funny that goes wrong }:D

    2.0 years ago
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    15.1k Hashys

    Oh wow, this is a set I know very well

    +2 2.0 years ago
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    20.6k Rizkyman

    Lol si funny

    +2 2.0 years ago


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