Use our games, for free, in education.

How do I get started?
If you are an educator, then make an account with your school email address and then click the SUBMIT REQUEST button below. We will review your request to verify your employment at your school and then give you access to our games, DRM free, so you can install them on as many devices as needed without needing to worry about managing multiple Steam accounts.

I'm a student, can I download your games for free?
No, this offer is limited to educators, so please let your teachers know about this opportunity!
What games are included?
Juno: New Origins and SimplePlanes
What platforms are included?
Currently, only the Windows and Mac versions of our games are included. Mobile platforms are not available for free, but you can check with Apple and Google Play for education discounts.
How many seats can I request?
As many as you need, but they are only allowed to be installed on school-owned devices and they are not for use on your students' personal devices.
What kind of stuff can we teach with Juno: New Origins and SimplePlanes?
They are both great games for demonstrating basic physics concepts such as velocity, acceleration, gravity, forces, etc and more advanced concepts such as lift, drag, center of mass, thrust to weight, and much more. Juno: New Origins goes a step further and can demonstrate advanced concepts such as orbital mechanics and many rocket science concepts. Plus they are fun! At least we think so. :)
I want SimplePlanes why was I redirected to
We did not want to maintain this service on multiple websites, so we chose since its web code is a bit newer and easier to work with than our other websites.