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DPS Aircraft Manufacturer

  • Slogan: The future begins Today
    Danflash, The Sonic Power

  • Company Name; Danflash Power Sonic

  • Second company name: DPS Aircraft Manufacturer

  • Date of foundation of the company: 13/06/2018

  • Industry: Trucks, Buses, Spacecraft, Space Satellites, Trains, Jet Engines, Aircraft

  • Founder: Danflash Evolution

  • Thirst: Portugal, Lisbon🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

Project SR2

  • DPS-ExploranX: 3 stage rocket to target, go to Mars, and go back to Earth !!
    You will have 2 boosters !!
    The first stage will leave the earth !!!
    The second stage would orbit the Earth, and it will orbit Mars!
    The third stage will enter Mars, and will land on Mars, then take off, orb and the way to Earth!


Look here

I make engine for Aircraft


  • Request a engine for me
    ----_Give your aircraft to make the engines. But why? I need to, because to verify that the size of the engine is compatible with your Aircraft !! Or tell the size of the engine through the fuselage.

----Say the type of engine you prefer, example TurboFan, Turboprop, Afterbunner, etc.


-----Say whether you want your Aircraft to come already with the engines fitted, or let you Mount the engine in your Aircraft

-----Leave Credits