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I have always loved rockets. I am a part of the IAAR. I play on mobile (iOS) and Windows. I try to keep every craft of mine mobile friendly, although there might be a few that will not run well. I make detailed rockets and vizzy programs to go with them(Everything I know about vizzy is from looking at other people’s codes and experimenting on my own, so my codes are not as advanced as some people’s). I also make detailed capsules. A lot of work goes into each craft of mine, so I do not post very often, although I try to post as much as possible.

My best crafts and upcoming crafts:

Not a part of a series:

JSO Luxury Jet

This is an updated version of the first craft I ever posted. It has an interior inside of a cargo bay and it is painted to match my current colors and logo. The interior is not great, but this started out as the first craft I ever posted, and I wanted to keep it as close to the original as possible, so I left the interior alone.

225,000kg auto launch

An auto launch rocket capable of carrying massive payloads to many different orbits

Phoenix 2.2 Capsule and Rocket

This was my old crew rocket, before getting replaced by my reusable Sparrow 2 Phoenix 2.2 and now Sparrow 2 Phoenix 3 rockets.

Bullet rocket

A suborbital reusable rocket that was made as a test/practice before working on the Sparrow 1. I still find it fun to fly, knowing this was the start of what has become my best series of rockets: the Sparrow rockets.

Phoenix capsules:

My series of capsules.

Phoenix v1

My first Phoenix capsule. No room for crew, very small.

Old Phoenix 2 capsules

The old versions of my Phoenix 2.2, missing features from my Phoenix 2.2

Phoenix 2.2

This is my current crew capsule, with many features including a full interior with windows, a hatch, and 6 seats.

Phoenix 3(newest)

The Phoenix 3 has the same number of seats and is around the same size as the Phoenix 2.2, but it has a sleek new design and some extra features, including the ability to float, and therefore do splashdowns in the ocean or land on the ground.

Phoenix 4

May not happen, but it is planned to be a very big capsule for deep space missions.

Sparrow rockets

A series of partly (and fully) automatic reusable rockets.

Sparrow 1

The first Sparrow rocket ever. The first stage automatically lands back on Droo, while the second stage continues to orbit. It has no payload capacity.

Sparrow 2 Phoenix 2.2

The Sparrow 2 carrying my Phoenix 2.2 capsule. It can go to many different orbits very accurately carrying 6 astronauts. The first stage lands back on droo on it’s own.

Sparrow 2 Cargo

The first and second stage are the same as the Sparrow 2 Phoenix 2.2, but the Phoenix capsule was replaced by payload fairings.

Sparrow 2 Phoenix 3

This is my newest crew launch vehicle. It has the same orbit capabilities and astronaut capacity as the Sparrow 2 Phoenix 2.2, but the Phoenix 2.2 is replaced by the Phoenix 3, a new capsule with a lower part count, new design, and some other new features.

Sparrow 3

Still a long way off, the Sparrow 3 will be the biggest of the Sparrow rockets, and may carry the Phoenix 4 eventually.

Sparrow 2b

This may never happen, but I plan to learn more about vizzy so that I can upgrade a Sparrow 2 to be able to do an accurate landing on a drone ship of landing pad.

I have other crafts too, these are just my favorite.

Thank you all so much for helping me get to 1,000 points!
Now it is 2,000!

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