This past week I finished adding a new Photo Library feature to SR2. This makes it easy for players to take screenshots of their crafts at any time (in the designer or in flight) and use those screenshots when uploading their crafts and sandboxes. It also keeps track of when and where you took the photo and you can write a description if you're a fan of keeping journals of your craft's journey across the solar system.

I've also taken some time to improve the screenshot tool. Now you can switch between landscape, portrait, and square orientations. You can also enable a depth of field effect so that you can snap nice looking photos of your craft like you're using a big expensive camera. You can drag the focus point around to focus on specific parts of your craft.

I'm really excited about this feature. It was a lot of fun to work on and I think it will make it easier for players to showcase their content in the best way possible.


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    In the pixie engine post he commented on this, he said it was too hard to keep up with ad wanted more programming time @Yebet321

    +1 20 hours ago
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    0 Venus

    He said he will be Adding a lot of it.

    10 days ago
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    0 Venus

    Just wait...@Creeperstudiis

    +1 10 days ago
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    0 Venus

    He said he will do one all another week last week passed , it will be today @Yebet321

    +1 10 days ago
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    What happed to the weekly updates?

    +1 10 days ago
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    This is другs fault

    10 days ago
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    Can you at least tell us what moth you think a early beta will be released

    10 days ago
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    The game is looking really cool.
    Do you know when it’s going to come out?

    +1 10 days ago
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    I hope this game would be amazing.

    11 days ago
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    Oml, I'm making a scale replica of the Arrma Senton then, it will look amazing.

    11 days ago
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    I just spent about 24 days testing my trip to Ares IV! What a trip. I'm about 100 meters from the Hab. I'll log back on after I get home.

    12 days ago
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    add easter eggs like the kraken in SP

    12 days ago
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    Just asking for something for u to ad in SP! Ummm, Acn you guys add the sound barrier and a carrier game mode plz! Thanks for reading if you did. Plz consider! Cincearley ME MYSELF AND I

    13 days ago
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    100 WNP78

    @GR00G0 pretty sure they're procedurally generating a heightmap, as I think was mentioned previously. And I think it's more advanced than just simplex noise.

    14 days ago
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    Still no official release date?

    14 days ago
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    @GR00G0 we will see it in the future

    14 days ago
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    15 days ago
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    212 MrTaco

    Yes, for both android and PC. Unfortunately none for iOS. @JPGSP

    15 days ago
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    100 GR00G0

    @matkag5 yeah but i wonder if they generate craters with heightmaps or simplex noise.

    +1 15 days ago
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    0 JPGSP

    @AndrewGarrison Will there be mods for android?
    And for PC?

    16 days ago
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    @AndrewGarrison that's fine, I'm hyped anyways!

    16 days ago
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    @Pikapilot you dont understand how space actually works do you but if you meant that there will be warp then i take that back

    16 days ago
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    @GR00G0 there are craters im sure i know youre a youtuber

    16 days ago
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    100 GR00G0

    Are the planets/moons generated procedurally with noise or are you using a height map. If you use noise I wonder how you plan to add craters to moons.

    17 days ago
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    100 GR00G0

    Will you support fullscreen on iphone x?

    +1 17 days ago
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