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Rainier Aerospace is expected to get into the commercial & defense space industry by 2020. Rainier currently has a few re-usable rockets & SSTO concepts on the drawing board, and they may be flight tested in SP, but they won't come to SR2 just yet.

Rainier Aerospace Future Space Projects:

- Affordable & Re-Usable Commercial Payload Launch System
- Single-Stage-to-Orbit Space Shuttle
- Orbital Space Tourism
- Orbital Planetary Defense
- International Space Station Replacement
- Manned/Human Interplanetary Transport

- Mustelidae-Class Launch Vehicles
- Ermine Re-Usable Launch Vehicle -Small Payloads; Cargo Only
- Polecat Re-Usable Launch Vehicle -Medium Payloads; Human & Cargo
- Marten Single-Stage-to-Orbit Hybrid Shuttle -Medium-Heavy Payloads; Human & Cargo
- Badger Re-Usable Launch Vehicle -Heavy Payloads; Human & Cargo

  • Evergreen-Class Orbital Mega Space Plane
  • Civil Space Station Variant
  • Military Orbital Defense Battleship Variant
  • Interplanetary Transport Variant

Any other information regarding Evergreen-Class remains classified.