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Wierd Thing

I Have Simpleplanes. I logged in here. I got a 100 points. Earned 100 More. Received 50 points. Achieved another stripe.

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Founder Of ARC----- Since 22/12/2017
Member Of A.E.R.O----- Since 24/1/2018
Member Of Explorer Co.----- Since 11/7/2018

A Bit About Me

  • Nationality > Australian
  • Gender > Male
  • Devices > Samsung Galaxy Tab A

-Games I Play >

- Minecraft PE Beta Edition
- Simplerockets
- Space Agency
- Battle Of Warships

- World Of Tanks
- World Of Warships
- Besiege

-What I do >

  • Amateur coder
  • Gamer

Great users on this website

Bmcclory : Helped me achieve my second stripe