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I'm Russian student, that likes space and rockets

P.S where is my bear with AK?

current plans:

-1) improve Mobile base
-2) improve N1-L5 (Plumes + new N-1 + new fairings)
-3) improve Fleetwood RV
-4.1) improve Ares mars mission
-4.2)Von Braun's Nuclear Tug
-5) improve Apollo-Venus (Plume + new Saturn-5)
-6)remake[Skylab, Skylab-B and Moonlab] (Plume + new Saturn-5)
-7) improve Apollo with ATM (Plume + new Saturn-5 + remaked CSM and LEM)
-8) improve Gemini station (Plumes + new Saturn-1 with correct engines)
-9) improve Big-G (Plume + new Saturn)
-10) improve [Jamestown with expansion] (Plume + new Saturn-5)
-11) improve project Orion (Plume + new Saturn-5 + new "explosions")
-12) improve TMK Aelita (Plumes + new N-1 + new inflatable heat shield)
-13) improve ULT (replace white room)
-14) improve MOLAB + trailers (New rocket)
-15) improve Salturn-1B (Plumes + correct emgines + remaked CSM)
-16) improve Gemini (plume)
-17) improve rescue gemini (Plumes + new Saturn-C3 + new Gemini)
-18) improve Saturn C-8 Nova + cargo version
(Plume + new descent stage + remaked CSM)
-19) improve DMRV+extra trailers (replace Saturn-1B with more powerful rocket)
-20) improvement and extra trailers for Lunar train (+ new N-1 + new fairings)
-21) improve UR-700 (new plumes)
-22) improve LK-1 lunar flyby (remake Proton)
-23) improve MaVr (plumes + new N-1 + new fairings)
-24) improve MIR
-25) improve Buran WORK IN PROGRESS
-26) improve MIR-2
-27) improve MK-700 (new plumes + cargo UR-700M)

-28) improve Excalibur-Almaz. fix antenna
-29) improve Zarya + new APAS and Zenit
-30) Saturn S-II wet workshop
-32) spaceship Messiah
-33)MIR from Armageddon
-34)MIR from Iron Sky
-35)BOS(Big orbital station)
-36)MEK(Mars expedition Spaceship)
-38)improve TGK-PG (remake Soyuz)
-39)improve MKBS
Use Aerospike with 16 LH-2 NK-33 on N-1 MOK. Invert solar panels(I should invert places of left and right solar panels)
-40)Constellation mars mission
-41)Apollo block 3-5
-42)Martian MOLAB for Ares mars mission
-43)manned Apollo Mars flyby
-44)LEM shelter
-45)Shuttle-2 concept
-46) improve Kliper spacecraft. Fix LES + new Soyuz
-47)improve lunar Almaz-Excalibur
-48) improve Excalibur RRV fix engines
-49) improve Cargo Excalibur RRV fix engines
-50)Planet Express ship
-51) improve ROSS use new robo arm + rockets
-52) improve Lunar Almaz
-53) TLK, LOK-TM and small LOS
-54) improve Progress-1
-55) improve Saturn MLV
-56) improve Zvezda base (new modules + LK based descent stage + crane module for "train")
-57) improve Pegasus
-58) improve 7K-9K-11K
-59) improve LSAM
-60) lunar ACTS (Soyuz + Fragte + Block-D)
-61)improve LVPK and cargo LVPK
-62)improve 19K
-63)improve Soyuz 7KT
-64) improve Salyutes (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Lunar)
-65) improve Almaz (4, 5, 6, APOS)
-66) improve Enterprise station
-67) improve Shuttles
-68) improve Zvezda ressuply
-69) improve MKBS-2
-70) improve Parom + cargo container
-71) MIR 3
-72) improve Soyuz R
-73) improve Soyuz VI
-74) improve Skif and Polyus
-75) improve LOKs (new engines + N-1) (LOK, LOK-TM, LOK-TMA, LOK-TMA-M, LOK-NL)
-76)improve UR-700A + semi-crew version
-77) improve KLE complex (LK, rover, base, Almaz)
-78) improve TKS(regular, M, R, L, LM)
-79) improve Progress( P-1, with Raduga, cubesats, VDU, KRT, M)

Here my strange unlisted crafts:

Module for Gemini station

LOK adapter for Moonlab

LEM/LSAM adapter for moonlab

fixed LSAM

Zond with docking port

Pirs-like docking module for International Skylab