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Fictional story.

This industries is based on the territory of the Russian Federation. We specialize in the production of: rocket, aircraft.
Beam - means that we leave a mark in the history of flights. We learn from our mistakes. Do the impossible. sometimes we release unusual missiles that seem incredible and impossible.

The Finished projects:

1.Beam Sand Iron Cylero
2.Aero Effect Rocket
3.Beam Sand Iron Orbiter
4.Beam Jet Fighter 262
5.(Beta) Beam Space Soyuz
6.Beam Space Orbiter
7.Beam Delta Glider
8.Beam Space Soyuz

Projects in development:

Beam Space Soyuz (100%)

The project under consideration:

1.Beam Air Skymaster

Frozen project:

1.Beam Air Foxbat

Cancelled projects:

1.Beam Sand Iron Tydos (80%)
2.Beam Sand Iron Luna (100%)