Stock Engine Overhaul is a Stock version of realistic engine Overhaul, this version has stock engine efficiencies for use in the stock system.

Warning: SEO and REO are not compatible if enabled at the same time! make sure you have REO disabled before enabling Stock engine overhaul. REO engines can be opened with SEO, the efficiencies will change as a result.

REO link can be found here

- Version 1.1

  • replaced L. symbol used to signify cryogenics with Lqd
  • added two nozzles H-1, and RL-10
- All New Propellants:
  • Liquid:

  • LOX/LH2, LOX/CH4, LOX/CH4O, LOX/C2H6O-75, LOX/C2H6O-95, LOX/RP1, LOX/N2H4, LOX/MMH ,LOX/UDMH ,LOX/A-50 ,LOX/UH25, LOX/NH3 ,LOX/C6H5NH2 ,LOX/Tonka-250

  • N2O4/LH2 ,N2O4/CH4 ,N2O4/CH4O ,N2O4/C2H6O-75 ,N2O4/C2H6O-95, N2O4/RP1, N2O4/N2H4, N2O4/MMH, N2O4/UDMH ,N2O4/A-50, N2O4/UH25, N2O4/NH3, N2O4/C6H5NH2, N2O4/Tonka-250


  • H2O2-85/LH2, H2O2-85/CH4, H2O2-85/CH4O ,H2O2-85/C2H6O-75 ,H2O2-85/C2H6O-95 ,H2O2-85/RP1 ,H2O2-85/N2H4, H2O2-85/MMH, H2O2-85/UDMH ,H2O2-85/A-50, H2O2-85/UH25 ,H2O2-85/NH3 ,H2O2-85/C6H5NH2 ,H2O2-85/Tonka-250

  • H2O2-95/LH2 ,H2O2-95/CH4 ,H2O2-95/CH4O ,H2O2-95/C2H6O-75 ,H2O2-95/C2H6O-95 ,H2O2-95/RP1 ,H2O2-95/N2H4 ,H2O2-95/MMH, H2O2-95/UDMH ,H2O2-95/A-50 ,H2O2-95/UH25, H2O2-95/NH3 H2O2-95/C6H5NH2 ,H2O2-95/Tonka-250

  • N2O/LH2 N2O/CH4, N2O/CH4O ,N2O/C2H6O-75 ,N2O/C2H6O-95 ,N2O/RP1 ,N2O/N2H4 ,N2O/MMH ,N2O/UDMH ,N2O/A-50, N2O/UH25 N2O/NH3, N2O/C6H5NH2 ,N2O/Tonka-250

  • Solid:

  • Hybrid fuels:
    HTPB/LOX, HTPB/NTO, HTPB/N20, HTPB/H202(95%), HTPB/H202(85%)
  • NTR fuels:
    LH2, H2O, Ammonia, LOX
  • Mono:
-All New Nozzles:
  • New replacements for Bravo, Omega, and Alpha
  • redstone nozzle modeled after the A-7
  • Omega B modeled after F-1B
  • AJ-10 (modeled after the LMDE)
  • Proton A (based on RD-253)
  • NK-33
  • J-2
  • RL-10
  • H-1
-All New Power Cycles:
  • Expander, Dual expander, Combustion Tap Off, Open Expander, dual open expander, Fuel Rich staged, Oxygen Rich Staged
  • New NTRs solid, gas, and liquid cores, aswell as pulsed NTRs


  • Mod Version: 1.1
  • Required SR2 Version: 7.3.3
  • Published: 8/10/2019
  • Downloads: 121




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  • Profile image
    16.0k MarioG

    @yopo thanks : )

    +1 15 hours ago
  • Profile image
    2 yopo

    @MarioG Awesome, I just download REO 1.3 (I like those powerful engines for super-heavy-lift applications). Keep up the great work on all your mods! :)

    +1 16 hours ago
  • Profile image
    16.0k MarioG

    @yopo yes also REO is in 1.3 :D

    +1 17 hours ago
  • Profile image
    2 yopo

    @MarioG So SEO mod's engines are less efficient or less powerful than the REO 1.2 mod's engines? Thanks and keep up the great work! :)

    +1 18 hours ago
  • Profile image
    16.0k MarioG

    @Probreyene they are effectively the same in content except one has the efficiencies for the stock system while the other has it for RSS

    +2 22 hours ago
  • Profile image
    1,113 Probreyene

    is seo better than reo?

    22 hours ago
  • Profile image

    good job you did better then "9,567 the photoshop"

    6 days ago
  • Profile image


    +1 6 days ago
  • Profile image
    16.0k MarioG

    @NoName101 all the normals were messed up and i had to patch up some parts of the mesh but tbh its still super awesome

    6 days ago
  • Profile image
    150 Oski

    I forgot the previous mod is for RSS and meant to work on real scale earth, and would be op in jundroo system

    +1 6 days ago
  • Profile image
    4,102 NoName101

    Why is ma rs 25 nozzle still jacked up

    7 days ago
  • Profile image
    7,250 Bmcclory

    Ooo this is exciting

    +1 7 days ago


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