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Welcome to the 118 Industries aerospace division!

Acount Status: active
I'm usually most active between 3pm and 9pm CST, but I'll sometimes be on in the mornings too.

Major Build queue: 118 "ORCA" series light shuttles - Fighter Varient Complete! Check it out now!

Modular medium freighter, based on the Zander Freighter from Microsoft Space Simulator (1994)

Dolphin V3

Minor Build queue: Terminal tractor/shunt truck - 90%, Small Hardpoint - 5%, Cargo Trailer for BOBCAT series vehicles - 5%, Container V2 - Complete!

Announcements: Work on Dolphin V2 suspended.

I go by Steave118 (not my real name of course) on other games.

Previously known as 118Industries, AureumAurospace