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Credit to NeoStarAerospace for the pfp.

Discord: OneFrostyBoi#5355

Partners with Chtite451SR2 Aka. the Explore program

If it works than I’ll take it.


I am also part of the moderator team in the EXplore discord server.

I make cool rockets from time to time. Many of which aren't as good as the platinum dudes make, but they do the job while not killing peoples phones.

I’m a guy that loves rockets. I’ve always loved rockets, planes, or any complex thing that flies. I got into SimplePlanes and I actually have a few planes I’ve uploaded (all of which are trash)

So for a long time even before I found SimplePlanes I was a huge fan of old warplanes. I had also a interest in rockets, but there was just more plane stuff out there. So when I found out there was a SimpleRockets 2, I immediately tried it out. And now I am freaking addicted to it.

I mostly prefer SR2 over SP because the designer UI is much easier to work with when editing fuel tank shapes or part translate.


  • I am not a tinker panel or XML modding guy, and I only use them when I need them.
    (Ex. XML needed for space telescopes, tinker needed for part scaling for accurate detail)

  • I like SpaceX. I don't care if you call be a SpaceX fanboy.

  • wen hop

  • I have a large attachment to realism, and whenever I do use tinker, I use it for stuff like interstellar vehicles.

  • I suffer from depression that one day I will forget about SR2 before the career mode update comes out.

Hey! You made it to the end!

Previously known as rm48473, PanzerAerospace