Small satellite orbital transfer vehicle, boosting the possibilities of tomorrow

Introducing the newest member of our fleet of orbital transfer vehicles: the Scorpion! This compact yet powerful vehicle is capable of taking your payload wherever you need it, with a capacity of up to 400kg. With 700m/s of Delta V, it can travel impressive distances in our solar system, offering a fast and reliable means of transport for your space needs.

Scorpion is a vehicle designed to meet the demands of the most demanding customers. Its gross mass of 300kg and 70kg of propellant make it a light and highly manoeuvrable vehicle. Combined with its payload capacity, Scorpion is an ideal choice for any orbital transport mission.


Scorpion can perform any combination of maneuvers to modify your orbit and precisely place individual satellites in their exact locations. Our high-thrust chemical propulsion system ensures maneuvers are accomplished quickly to start your mission ASAP.

orbit increase

Inclination change

We designed the Scorpion with safety and reliability in mind. It has a number of security features and redundancies in its systems, to ensure that your payload successfully reaches its intended destination. In addition, our highly skilled engineers and technicians carry out rigorous quality testing on each vehicle prior to launch to ensure it is ready to fly.

Scorpion is the right choice for companies that want reliable and fast transport for their orbital payloads. If you need to send satellites, supplies or equipment to Earth orbit or beyond, Scorpion is the vehicle for you. Contact us for more information about our orbital transport services and how Scorpion can meet your needs!

Cargo capacity 400kg

Scorpion Mass 300kg

Propulsion 1x SCANOR Engine 700 m/s DeltaV


The Scorpion, in addition to everything else, is still compatible with most rockets, such as the Canopus rocket from Orbital Systems, the Eagle rocket from ISX or the Beta, from iSpace.

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