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KNOX, from production to launch

KNOX Space, works with state-of-the-art technology to develop its first Orbital transfer vehicle, so far, we have already announced the Scanor engine, which will be crucial for our future.


Scorpion is our first orbital transfer vehicle, made to meet the needs of customers from the most flexible to the most demanding. Find out more by clicking on the image below:


With its advanced propulsion technology, Scanor offers unrivaled efficiency and reliability on long journeys through space. With this engine on board, your vehicle will be ready for the most ambitious missions. We are working on this engine for the development of a new vehicle, an OTV (Orbital Transfer Vehicle) for customer-friendly orbits.

First Flight: 2023

Satellite Manufacturing

In addition to producing state-of-the-art engines and the new Scorpion OTV, KNOX will also begin manufacturing satellites for the contractor.

innovative strategies

With our future kick stage, we will work efficiently to achieve the customer's desired Orbit with high accuracy.

3D printing helps us create and speed up the production of components, which are done in weeks instead of months.

We work on producing the best engines, with high performance, something really surprising.

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