We all want to keep it fun and fair, so please follow these rules.

No sexually suggestive content or foul language

  • You are not the first person to make a penis-shaped rocket. The joke is old and boring now.
  • We are not going to moderate every curse word, but please try to keep it clean.

Don't abuse the voting system

  • Don't tell someone: 'If you upvote my stuff, then I'll upvote your stuff.'
  • Don't make alternate accounts to upvote your own stuff.
  • Don't beg other users to upvote your stuff.
  • Don't cancel challenges that have successor points.

Regarding Posts

  • Don't post the same thing multiple times.
  • No more than 3 public craft submissions per day. No more than 10 unlisted submissions per day.
  • No sympathy posts or memorial posts. Move those discussions to the forums.
  • We allow a wide variety of uploads that are not actually rockets. However, we do reserve the right to remove posts if they are too far off-topic.
  • Don't spam other players' posts with links to your stuff.
  • Don't use offensive symbols, unless they are necessary for historical accuracy (ie - Swastikas should only be used on things like a WW2 German Bomber).
  • While we allow photoshoped thumbnails, post with misleading thumbnails will be removed.
  • Don't abuse the post reporting system.

Politics and Religion

  • Please, remember that this is a game about rockets. While we do allow off-topic conversations in the forums, if you talk about religion or politics then there is a good chance that your post will be removed. Especially if we feel that it is likely to stir up debate.

Be kind

  • Be friendly to new players!
  • If you are continually telling people their work sucks, then maybe you suck.
  • No hate speech. You will be banned immediately.
  • If we find out that you are harassing a moderator on a 3rd party site (such as Discord) for their actions on this site then you will likely face consequences on this site in the form of a strike or a ban.
  • Please, just be courteous.

Blocking players is okay

  • It is every player’s right to block whomever they wish for whatever reasons they wish.
  • Being blocked by a user in no way hampers your ability to enjoy the game or this website. If someone blocks you, be a better person and simply move on.
  • If you retaliate in response to being blocked, then you will be banned. Do not post or comment about a player who blocked you, about a specific player who blocked a friend of yours, or about a specific incident about specific people involved in blocking one another.

Tweaking crafts is okay

  • It is okay to download someone else's craft, make some tweaks, and re-upload a new variation.
  • In fact, the original designer may even receive bonus points.
  • If your variation is determined to have insufficiently changed the existing craft, then it may be removed.
  • If you are circumventing the predecessor/successor system, then you will be banned. Never upload a successor as an original design; give credit to the designer of its predecessor.