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Lembaga Penerbangan dan Antariksa Nasional

Medical Doctor, still fighting against outbreak

Background account: Started uploading Craft when my saved Craft suddenly lost on my phone

Design Futuristic Ship that still use out dated rocket technology, usually take a month for me to complete just one craft.

Upcomming Project:

  • Micro Saturn V
  • Nano Surveyor Vessel
  • Micro Starship
  • Universal Cargo Vessel
  • Manned Mars & Moon Mission


1. First SR2 Vizzy to The Luna and Back
2. First SR2 Lambert Solver for Interplanetary Transfer
3. First SR2 to The Mars and Back

10 upvotes : done
30 upvotes : done
50 upvotes : done
80 upvotes : done
90 upvotes : done
100 upvotes : done!

Thanks for your support!!!