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.😊/ [i play PC and iOS]

i have an SR2 discord

go see @VosAerospace's discord too ;) (took one of his invites lol I'm lazy)

go see one of those (or both XD) discords to go see behind the scenes to my newer crafts and tech

part of orbItech IRS (International Rocket-surgery Syndicate) here

and now a third lol, from @Freeskyaerospace here

ARES alliance note: remember to advertise this more... [didnt advertize until now] (playful war going on, PC and Mac only for war due to mod anyone may join discord tho)

ILA from @Staticalliam7 (ripoff of ULA) find here


we dont want war, just peace, and to collaborate, not fight, as together, we can accomplish anything

taken by my own probe, and my current favorite photo

aite picture

original quote:

hello, i have been playing SR2 ever since it came out, i am the owner of my own space program (the EXplore Program [now liked to be referred to as EXplore]) and it’s goal is to explore the universe and colonize it, I am a pretty good rocket engineer too. (huuuge thanks to @MARStechnology for my newer logos go check him out here!) my discord if you are interested in a discord to chat in and heres @MARStechnology's discord if your interested, i am part of the IAAR (thats the international association of automatic rockets), i also do collaberations with other programs, ask me if you want to collab ;), i also launch some crafts with @iSpace (this is also a spotlight for him because he deserves it :D) and he is damn good at it :) go check him out ;) he can send all your crafts to orbit (in time however he does the realistic approach with a launch date and everything XD)

i am vice president in CASXA's Community Aerospace (here)

official IAAR account 2


i have an SP account (not very active there however)

im also head of nebra ops and co builder of rockets in the

solar alliance

I have a logo for crafts now! Tnx to @Gozinya!

Thats here

well then, we have a collab partnership with @Staticalliam7 of Insight Aerospace

EDIT: make that friendship partnership

why do i feel like everyone wants to be friends w me lol