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skyward together

We are an organization made up of many players, working
together to go to new worlds.

Chtite451SR2 president

Nytrok07 Vice President


discord server

Registration forum

No discord? No problem ;) SR2 forum Here

Member list (not complete list)

°DARO [Engine, Booster*]
°NORX [Lander, Engine, Booster, Commercial launch, Upper stage]
°Staticalliam7 [Engine]
°Cloud9andahalf [Rover]
°Tweedleaerospace [Vizzy, Engine]
°thesaturnaeospace [Lander]
°springtimevibes [Engine]
°Freeskyaerospace [Booster, Commercial launch, Upper Stage]
°JSO18 [Vizzy]
°yamomzbox420 [Everything]
°drexxvolv [Stages/engine contractor]
°XPLRSPC [engine, stage,vizzy]
°Nytrok07 [satellite]
Droomulticompany [engine]

*Note: after the names are the contracts, like this: °name [roles/contracts]


Engine Contractor
Upper Stage Contractor
Rover Contractor
Booster Contractor
Commercial Launcher Provider
Vizzy Programmer
Lander Contractor
Satellite Contractor

°last update 09/10/22