Auto Credit Based on DuckMint's SEPA DMSS 036 Shuriken Station

No need to restart, a recreation on the Grand Finale, began on April 2017 and ended on the 25th september 2017, Huygens isnt on Cassini as i released it long ago, so yeah, just decend and end her 20 year long mission.



Name Location Part Count Mass Altitude Velocity
Craft-4 Droo 1 0kg 11.6Mm 5,945m/s
Craft-5 Droo 1 0kg 10.6Mm 5,475m/s
Craft-6 Droo 4 0kg 175km 3,280m/s
Craft-7 Droo 1 0kg 178km 3,277m/s
Craft-8 Droo 2 0kg 176km 3,279m/s
Craft-10 Droo 4 0kg 176km 3,279m/s
Craft-11 Droo 4 0kg 176km 3,279m/s
Craft-12 Droo 1 0kg 176km 3,279m/s
Craft-13 Droo 1 0kg 176km 3,278m/s
Craft-16 Droo 4 0kg 177km 3,277m/s
Craft-17 Droo 1 0kg 176km 3,278m/s
Craft-18 Droo 2 0kg 176km 3,278m/s
Craft-20 Droo 1 0kg 42.7Mm 22km/s
Craft-21 Droo 1 0kg 38.6Mm 20km/s
Craft-22 Droo 1 0kg 186km 3,259m/s
Craft-23 Droo 4 0kg 181km 3,273m/s
Craft-24 Droo 4 0kg 182km 3,272m/s
Craft-25 Droo 1 0kg 17.7Mm 9,153m/s
Craft-26 Droo 1 0kg 18.5Mm 9,612m/s
Craft-27 Droo 15 0kg 174km 3,280m/s
Craft-28 Droo 55 0kg 169km 3,278m/s
Craft-29 Droo 55 0kg 171km 3,266m/s
Craft-30 Droo 1 0kg 13.8Mm 7,400m/s
Craft-31 Droo 1 0kg 15.3Mm 8,103m/s
Craft-32 Droo 6 0kg 177km 3,275m/s
Craft-33 Droo 1 0kg 176km 3,276m/s
Craft-34 Droo 2 0kg 181km 3,272m/s
Craft-35 Droo 1 0kg 179km 3,274m/s
Craft-36 Droo 3 0kg 173km 3,274m/s
Craft-37 Droo 17 0kg 172km 3,280m/s
Craft-38 Droo 4 0kg 190km 3,268m/s
Craft-39 Droo 4 0kg 192km 3,264m/s
Craft-40 Droo 1 0kg 63.7Mm 32km/s
Craft-41 Droo 1 0kg 78.8Mm 40km/s
Craft-42 Droo 115 0kg 180km 3,285m/s
Craft-43 Droo 4 0kg 174km 3,273m/s
Craft-44 Droo 4 0kg 174km 3,273m/s
Craft-45 Droo 3 0kg 174km 3,273m/s
Craft-46 Droo 3 0kg 174km 3,273m/s
Craft-50 Droo 1 0kg 5.6Mm 3,307m/s
Craft-51 Droo 1 0kg 19.3Mm 10km/s
Craft-53 Droo 1 0kg 31.7Mm 16km/s
Craft-54 Droo 1 0kg 24.5Mm 12km/s
Craft-55 Droo 1 0kg 6.8Mm 3,930m/s
Craft-56 Droo 1 0kg 18.8Mm 10km/s
Craft-58 Droo 1 0kg 25.5Mm 13km/s
Craft-59 Droo 1 0kg 26.3Mm 13km/s
Craft-60 Droo 1 0kg 76.1Mm 38km/s
Craft-61 Droo 1 0kg 13.7Mm 7,452m/s
Craft-62 Droo 1 0kg 3.1Mm 2,108m/s
Craft-64 Droo 1 0kg 39.4Mm 20km/s
Craft-65 Droo 1 0kg 13.4Mm 7,271m/s
Craft-66 Droo 1 0kg 3.9Mm 2,445m/s
Craft-68 Droo 1 0kg 83.2Mm 41km/s
Craft-69 Droo 1 0kg 47.1Mm 24km/s
Craft-70 Droo 3 0kg 174km 3,280m/s
Craft-72 Droo 15 0kg 150km 3,300m/s
Craft-73 Droo 25 0kg 221km 3,178m/s
Craft-74 Droo 25 0kg 243km 3,160m/s
Cassini Huygens Replica Droo 151 7,189kg 56km 3,379m/s


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    439 RAF100

    @tsampoy I messed up the date that the Grand Finale finished, but the thing is. this is a better idea. the original thing was: NASA Launches Cassini Huygens 2 after discovering another system. NASA send it to Tydos and sends it to Droo and Luna via a Cylero and Urados insertion. the Huygens probe drops into Luna, and Cassini gets meeten by a Soyuz TMA, ATV and Shenzou. NASA losses contact with Cassini 2. but the Droo Space Program get contact with Cassini. they de orbit Cassini but the trajectory was messed up and landed in a highly populated area. killing a few citizens, a Simplebeast goes to Luna to retrieve the Huygens probe, the impact site for Cassini is 20kms from the Droo Space Center. the ESA Contact the DSC For the retrieval of the Huygens probe. the DSC send up a Simplecargo with Huygens on it back to Earth alongside with the last bits of Cassini 2. so there. long story short, a advanced version to your story tsampoy.

    5 months ago
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    1,660 tsampoy

    When aliens from Tydos sent a Cassini Huygens type probe to see Droo, and land Huygens on Luna, then they de orbit Cassini in Droo.

    +2 5 months ago


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