Auto Credit Based on tsampoy's Cylero's North Pole

My first mission to land on another terrestrial planet, and then back.
In one booster!
(beat that spacex, esa and nasa)
Credit someone for the spaceship

Credit @Planefun for the rocket


  • Predecessor: Cylero's North Pole
  • Successors 1 sandbox(s)
  • Created On: Windows
  • Game Version:
  • Solar System: SolarSystem
  • Planets: 6
  • Game Time: 779.0 days


Name Location Part Count Mass Altitude Velocity
C-14 Mini Space Station 2 Droo 20 0kg 137km 3,402m/s
New Droo 10 0kg 315km 3,129m/s
New Luna 10 2,012kg Ground 0m/s
Luna-2 Luna 9 2,416kg 20km 731m/s
Poland Into Moon Luna 41 11,203kg Ground 0m/s
B-2 with Droo Satellite Droo 24 0kg 396km 3,085m/s
SBC-1 With Internet Satellite Droo 24 0kg 607km 2,908m/s
Voyager 1 Sun 7 0kg 437,272.9Mm 4,356m/s
Craft-37 Luna 16 1,879kg Ground 0m/s
ae86 Droo 36 5,830kg Ground 0m/s
Luna-3 With SBC-Luna Satellite Luna 10 43,972kg 113km 647m/s
Craft-43 Luna 16 1,633kg Ground 0m/s
Tutorial Droo 5 2,343kg 235km 3,261m/s
Cylero-2 Cylero 24 4,579kg Ground 0m/s
Christmas TRee Luna 13 5,241kg Ground 0m/s
Cylero-2 Cylero 24 7,169kg Ground 0m/s
Cylero-3 Polandball Cylero 57 1,958kg Ground 0m/s
Cylero-3 Polandball Cylero 24 4,013kg 107km 1,529m/s
Updated Ares X MAV Droo 193 63,655kg Ground 0m/s



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