Auto Credit Based on tsampoy's Space Center Disappeared

Wow my personal record

Credit @Planefun for the ship.

Probably sr2s record.

And yes, this is the same ship that I used to go to Cylero and back, I just re-launched it from the same place it landed back in Droo.



Name Location Part Count Mass Altitude Velocity
C-14 Mini Space Station 2 Droo 20 0kg 197km 3,263m/s
New Droo 10 0kg 341km 3,076m/s
New Luna 10 2,012kg Ground 0m/s
Luna-2 Luna 9 2,416kg 20km 732m/s
Poland Into Moon Luna 41 11,203kg Ground 0m/s
B-2 with Droo Satellite Droo 24 0kg 429km 3,025m/s
SBC-1 With Internet Satellite Droo 24 0kg 608km 2,907m/s
Voyager 1 Sun 7 0kg 1,000,122.0Mm 2,310m/s
Craft-37 Luna 16 1,879kg Ground 0m/s
ae86 Droo 36 5,830kg Ground 0m/s
Luna-3 With SBC-Luna Satellite Luna 10 43,972kg 114km 646m/s
Craft-43 Luna 16 1,633kg Ground 0m/s
Tutorial Droo 5 2,343kg 239km 3,253m/s
Cylero-2 Cylero 24 4,579kg Ground 0m/s
Christmas TRee Luna 13 5,241kg Ground 0m/s
Cylero-2 Cylero 24 7,169kg Ground 0m/s
Cylero-3 Polandball Cylero 57 1,958kg Ground 0m/s
Cylero-3 Polandball Cylero 24 4,013kg 125km 1,496m/s
Updated Ares X MAV Droo 193 63,655kg Ground 0m/s


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  • Profile image
    2,417 Planefun

    Wow I’m glad u like it @tsampoy

    5 months ago
  • Profile image
    1,660 tsampoy

    @Planefun Almost done using this creation to go from Droo to Luna, then to Cylero, then to Tydos, then to Urados, and back to Droo

    5 months ago
  • Profile image
    2,417 Planefun

    Oh wow it’s an honor to see one of my builds being used!!! Thanks for the credit

    5 months ago
  • Profile image
    1,660 tsampoy

    @Bmcclory Idk
    It has infinite fuel

    5 months ago
  • Profile image
    6,156 Bmcclory

    Did the craft use any tinkering or XML editing? Mind sending a save file?

    5 months ago

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