This rocket was created with and for the RSS sandbox and the RE0 mod!
You can find the stock/mobile friendly version here.
This craft uses Lights from the newest Beta!

if you see this you suck

The Antares is the rocket that noone really knows except when it blows up.
But when it doesn't, it usually carries the Cygnus Spacecraft to the ISS with fresh new cargo/food/space-oven.

bad wifi


Gross mass: 298t
Engines: RD-181
ISP(SL): 311s
Second stage: Castor 30XL
Payload to LEO: ca. 8000kg

How to fly:

Slowly turn to 45° by the time you get to 15km, then wait untill the Apoapsis reaches 45km, then lock velocity to prograde and leave it till stage burnout.
Separate the second stage and turn it on when the time to Apoapsis reaches 70sec.
That should get you to orbit.

Activation Groups:

Before launch:
AG10: lights

Cygnus Spacecraft
AG1: Thruster
AG5: Reaction Wheel
AG9: Solar Panels



  • Created On: Windows
  • Game Version: 0.8.300.0
  • Price: $17,498k
  • Number of Parts: 1366
  • Dimensions: 48m x 25m x 25m


  • Total Delta V: 8.6km/s
  • Total Thrust: 4.6MN
  • Engines: 4
  • Wet Mass: 872,495kg
  • Dry Mass: 116,360kg


Stage Engines Delta V Thrust Burn Mass
2 2 4.4km/s 4.1MN 4.7m 479,043kg
7 1 3.4km/s 471kN 2.3m 33,596kg
8 1 788m/s 18kN 4.3m 6,700kg


  • Realistic Engine Overhaul by ComplexRockets Team
    Version 1.3 (8/13/2019 11:08:00 PM)
    View Mod Page


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    1,389 Insanity

    @MarioG thanks, i really spent a lot of time on the launch tower and getting it to look and function like the real one.

    +1 24 days ago
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    23.8k MarioG

    Super nice i love the launch complex : D

    24 days ago
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    1,389 Insanity

    @AstronautPlanes damn thats not good, hope things get better soon over there

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    @Insanity I'm chilean, and there's a social crisis now, so things aren't quite peaceful (6000 wounded and more than 30 dead)

    25 days ago
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    10.5k Bmcclory

    Thanks, I forgot haha @Insanity

    25 days ago
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    1,389 Insanity

    @Bmcclory thanks and you did ask me to tag you

    25 days ago
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    10.5k Bmcclory

    Great work! Did I ask you to tag me previously, I don’t have a very good memory atm, but it’s fine if I didn’t, just wondering. @Insanity

    25 days ago
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    1,389 Insanity

    @AstronautPlanes thanks im glad it made you feel better

    25 days ago
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    @Insanity oh cool, I'll upvote it (I'll sleep now but at least I'm not that depressed)

    25 days ago
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    1,389 Insanity

    @Bmcclory @TitanIncorporated @AstronautPlanes

    25 days ago
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    Mod free!

    25 days ago


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