United Launch Alliance Delta ll 7000H

Hello! I am happy to present my 1:1 scale Delta ll 7000H variant, this took me about 2.5 weeks due to me going back and forth matching numbers and performance on this amazing rocket, as well as going into detail in a lot of things.

This includes both the 3 meter stretched fairing and the shorter 2.9 meter metallic fairing, as well as the full launch pad. MarioG suggested I make a gantry as well, it may come soon, but a no for right now. On board the second stage is a test payload like the one in real life, although you can customize how you like and do it how you want to get your satellites quickly into orbit.

Now go launch and have fun!


The Delta II program has a rich history. Over 29 years, the rocket launched 155 times with 100 consecutive successful missions, culminating in the final ICESat-2 flight for NASA.

Delta II has launched many memorable missions including NASA’s rovers Spirit and Opportunity, the Phoenix Mars Lander, all operational GPS missions through the constellation of 21 GPS II-R missions for the Air Force, and commercial missions for Iridium, Globalstar and three DigitalGlobe satellites. This tremendous achievement is a tribute to the dedicated ULA employees and supplier teammates that ensure mission success is the focus of each and every launch.


The first stage of the Delta II was propelled by a Rocketdyne RS-27 main engine burning RP-1 and liquid oxygen, this engine was also named the “Golden Egg” by ULA because the parts needed for this rocket were so rare and it took tons of money to buy. I know this because I visit the factory every year (my dad works there) and even the smallest of parts are more expensive than even the ones on bigger rockets like the Delta IV (shhh don’t tell anyone). This stage was technically referred to as the "Extra-Extended Long Tank Thor", a derivative of the Thor ballistic missile as were all Delta rockets until the Delta IV. The RS-27 used on the 6000-series Delta II produced 915 kN, while the upgraded RS-27A used by the 7000-series produced 1,054 kN. The stage was 26 meters long and 2.4 meters wide, weighted over 100 t when fueled, and burned for 260 seconds. In addition, two LR101-NA-11 vernier engines provided guidance for the first stage.

For additional thrust during launch, the Delta II used solid boosters. The 7000-series used Graphite-Epoxy Motors manufactured by ATK. The vehicle could be flown with three, four, or, most commonly, nine boosters. When three or four boosters were used, all ignited on the ground at launch, while models that used nine boosters would ignite six on the ground, then the remaining three in flight after the burnout and jettison of the first six. The 3 graphite SRBs that ignite after the 6 have longer nozzles and are more optimized for higher altitude flight to optimize efficiency. With all 9 SRBs, the Delta ll hits Mach 1 in an astonishing 37 seconds with an immediate 70 degree pitch after liftoff.
(Also ignore the Mass etc. started on the screen, the launch pad etc has weight etc. too.)

First Flight - February 1989
Missions Flown - 155
Height - 128 ft | 39 m
Mass at liftoff - 510,000 lbs | 231,000 kg
Lift Capability to LEO - 13,000 lbs | 6,100 kg
Thrust - 1,084,200 lbf | 4,822 kN

I really hope you enjoy! Please comment and if you like, upvote! Have an an amazing day!


  • Created On: iOS
  • Game Version:
  • Price: $34,170k
  • Number of Parts: 231
  • Dimensions: 92 m x 25 m x 75 m


  • Total Delta V: 27.1km/s
  • Total Thrust: 17.1MN
  • Engines: 14
  • Wet Mass: 1.48E+6kg
  • Dry Mass: 2.82E+5kg


Stage Engines Delta V Thrust Burn Mass
1 3 1.5km/s 4.7MN 5.9m 1.48E+6kg
2 6 1.3km/s 8.1MN 76s 6.5E+5kg
3 3 543m/s 4.1MN 76s 6.5E+5kg
7 1 22.8km/s 184kN 2.1m 8,640kg
8 1 960m/s 47kN 64s 3,706kg


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    Figured that out pretty quickly lol. It’s got a lot of delta v, enough such that on the first stage alone I got escape velocity, and right about now it’ll burn again to a Cylerion Encounter.

    Edit: Whelp, managed to slow down to 7,500m/s but couldn’t achieve orbit. Might want to try that with a proper interplanetary ship next time.

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    @TopSecret2 it’s all built into the staging. Full throttle and click and you see in the air! Hope this helps!

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    How do you detach the rocket from the launch pad? Great work!

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