Design by crazydl


  • Successors 1 craft(s)
  • Created On: Windows
  • Game Version: 0.9.404.0
  • Price: $414,115k
  • Number of Parts: 944
  • Dimensions: 3 m x 5 m x 10 m


  • Total Delta V: 0m/s
  • Total Thrust: 0N
  • Engines: 4
  • Wet Mass: 3,657kg
  • Dry Mass: -5,059kg


Stage Engines Delta V Thrust Burn Mass


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    Ya @MyMessage

    4 days ago
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    563 MyMessage

    Looks like the sports car version of the cyber truck

    9 days ago
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    11 days ago
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    12 days ago
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    4,500 Probreyene

    performance > visuals

    13 days ago
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    gorgeous car

    +1 13 days ago
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    12.5k crazydl

    @TestRunner In fact, the chassis of my car is done by my studio colleagues, and I'm only responsible for designing and manufacturing the exterior and interior of the car

    13 days ago
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    13 days ago
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    5,782 TestRunner

    Very nice details! I like the custom suspension though it was saggy on the back left.
    It’s still better than what I usually do and now seeing how it handles, I will likely spend more time on custom suspensions. It feels real.
    Your wheels are over powered though, and thats fun for drifting, but if you break your front and back wheels up into Active Groups, you can set them as gears.
    Front or steering wheels are 1st gear obviously unless you make a custom steering assembly.
    I like to hide a second back set of wheels for a 3rd gear so I can reach 90m/s with no squealing or tire marks.
    Makes it feel more real having to shift up on the straights and down on the corners plus breaking.
    If you want lazy mode you could set them all to gear up in Vizzy as you reach the optimum speed. Then you just have to break and the wheels will drop to an acceptable torque and friction to make the corner and not shoot off into the rag weeds.
    Ill stop typing cause now I’ve written a novel.

    +1 13 days ago
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    1,768 SPhuanggua

    @healGG_Hilo 有啥骄傲的,我也1就是多了一个

    13 days ago
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    13 days ago
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    2,879 KrAu

    What a fast car!

    13 days ago
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    +1 13 days ago


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