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Am I too young to be here?

Im all about SpaceX, Tesla, and ISS.
Not sure about the Tesla thing but I'll start thinking soon

im updating my biography for good news or bad news in my highschool experience, in Philippines. please dont be mad because im on an ipad 4 and still not posting a newer version of my craft i play wotb and bullet force, eventually ill skip versions that are useless or just jump to version 1.0 for better flying experience no launching pads only real users for me and elon musk. If you see this, youre a stalker. Never check profiles for bad reasons. sorry i dont make sense

the credits for the other people who also made a falcon 9 that i downloaded and had fun launching them will be here soon just gonna sneak up on mum's laptop. i dont make sense

Ill probably continue all this work in December, but Ill try. See you next month after the landing legs and android update... stalkers ;)

Btw im not lazy for summer because im in asia and its school time, thats why i cant build. Im trying to improve my learning skill from my lazy workflow on 8th grade. and time is also gold