Auto Credit Based on KrAu's RealSolarSystem_v1.2

The Real Solar System_v2.0(Latest edition)

·In this module,we made a 1:1 restoration of the solar system
·We did our best to restore the true size, gravity,orbit and appearance of these planets,but we haven’t restored the real terrain yet, but this system is also worth the challenge.It is more difficult than the Juno system.It has 31 planets and has 26 planets can be landed.
·If you can’t wait to enter the solar system, here are the.

Installation method & instructions

·1. After clicking the download button, it will jump to the game interface
·2. Click "Download" to start downloading
·3. After the download is complete, open a new archive and select RSS (downloading and loading the system for the first time will be slower, please be patient and maintain a good network status)
·4.We made real textures of the Earth, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune. If you installed these textures, you will see their real appearance,but please remember: these are the textures.You will see the textures when you look at it from a distance, and which you see the original terrain when you are close the planet.If you like these textures, please click this link to download the textures (including installation instructions) and install them. If you don’t like these textures, you don’t need to download them

New version changes

In this update,the entire system is almost completely remade, mainly including the following
1. All planets have been remade (remade may include: complex terrain, appearance modification or model replacement) 2. The Earth, Jupiter,Uranus,and Neptune use real textures (By AnotherFireFox).You can download it in the "installation method".
2.Replaced a beautiful skybox(background wall),By Nucleartaxi
3.The orbit of 1P/Halley has been fixed
4. The altitude of the earth's atmosphere is modified to 70km and the atmospheric properties will be closer to the real Earth
5. With the restoration of the Earth's terrain, the launch site has been reset and add a new launch site(On the sea)
6.The bug that the launch site was buried underground has been repaired
7. Fixed the bug that it is difficult to landing on the moon of Mars (the reason for this bug is: due to the physical settings of the game itself, the radius of the Moon of Mars's Gravitational sphere is smaller than the radius of it, which makes it difficult for you to landing on its surface.In order to solve this problem, I had to change the radius of it to be smaller than the real situation, but this bug was also solved).
8.The new planet Pallas has been added

Frequently asked questions

Q:Why didn't it work when I installed the RSS?
A:1.Check your game version,2.Check if you have created a new game.3.Try to download again.
Q:Which versions does it apply to?
A:It supports the latest version of 0.9.404.I didn't test the other versions, so I'm not sure.
Q:Why doesn't the planet have real terrain?
A:Because it is very difficult to restore the real terrain, at the moment I only try to restore the scale and gravity of the solar system and so on.
Q:I don't know how much dv it would take to get into the orbit, to land on the moon, to land on Mars, and so on.
A:There is the DV Picture(For reference only, subject to practice)
Q:When will you update the next version?
A:Because of my studies, I don't know much about this.
Q:What if I want to launch a rocket directly on another planets?
A:You can download the sandbox, which gives you more launch locations.


If you don't want to make Rocket in RSS.
You can download these rockets.
Low Orbit Satellite
Lunar lander(Unable to return)
to the moon and back

Other Information

·1. At present, this mod only restores the true orbits, true scales, etc. of some planets, but it hasn't true terrain, because making it is very difficult, and I cannot finished it by myself. I will try my best to pursue a higher degree of restoration and update more planets in subsequent versions.Fortunately, pedro16797 is working hard to make RSS with real terrain. If you are interested in this, you can pay attention to his work. I will continue to make my own version of RSS until he released his real terrain RSS.
·2.About other people's planet models used in my RSS:
Earth,Io,Callisto and Halley by ESS.
I am very grateful to these masters who make these planets.
3.About people who have made some contributions to this system:
· Saturn, Mimas,Iapetus and Pallas made by SergejGrauberger
· Two moon of Mars,Ariel and Pluto (Has modifications)made by SquReal
· Venus(Has modifications) made by lordvader0219
· Titan(Has modifications) made by socialist
· The Real textures of Earth,Jupiter,Uranus and Neptune by AnotherFireFox
· The Real Earth textures was retouched by 3DExplorer

Update log

v2.0(Current version)


1.Six new celestial bodies have been added:
Pluto,Charon,Halley,Iapetus,Ariel and Triton.
2.Add two launch time
3.Optimization and modification:
1.Earth's atmospheric density is modified from 0.5 to 1.15
2.The physical parameters and orbital parameters of celestial bodies are restored more accurately
3.The inclination of lunar orbit is modified to 5.145°
4.Venus now has a more complex terrain, the atmospheric density is modified to 8.1, and the atmospheric environment will be more realistic
5.The appearance and topography of Europa and Ganymede have been modified
6.Vesta's terrain has been modified to be extremely complex (like durian) (which may not be true, but it is interesting)
7.Remake a new Saturn model(The previous model was made by NoName101)
8.The appearance of Titan has been slightly modified
9.Neptune's appearance becomes more realistic and not as monotonous as before
10.I tried to fix the bug that the launch site disappeared abnormally (There may be repairs)


1.Some new planets has been 2.added:Neptune,Callisto,Vesta
3.Two other launch sites have been added
Optimizes Uranus'rings
4.Replaced the model of Ganymede
5.The altitude of the Earth's atmosphere has been revised from 132km to 140km
6.Fixd some bugs:
1.The launch pad disappeared
2.The rocket exploded as soon as it came to the launch site
3.Titan's rotation is wrong and the temperature is abnormally high

v1.0.2:Temporary version

v1.0.1:Temporary version

v1.0:Official edition

1.Modification of Mercury's terrain
2.Saturn appearance optimization
3.Some new planets have been added, such as:Ceres,Uranus,Titan...etc...
4.Fixed the plane heading the wrong bug
5.Fixed some bug
6.Now supports the function of one-click installation

v0.2:Public test

v0.1:Internal test



Name Parent Radius Surface Gravity Apoapsis Periapsis
The Sun 696.3 Mm 273.7 m/s - -
Mercury The Sun 2,440 km 3.7 m/s 69,816.1 Mm 46,001.8 Mm
Venus The Sun 6,049 km 8.9 m/s 108,946.5 Mm 107,472.6 Mm
Earth The Sun 6,371 km 9.8 m/s 152,006.2 Mm 147,190.3 Mm
The Moon Earth 1,737 km 1.6 m/s 404.8 Mm 363.8 Mm
Mars The Sun 3,376 km 3.8 m/s 249,208.5 Mm 206,690.9 Mm
Phobos Mars 2,366 m 0.1 m/s 9,523 km 9,234 km
Deimos Mars 1,547 m 0.0 m/s 23,466 km 23,450 km
Vesta The Sun 263 km 0.3 m/s 385,220.5 Mm 321,472.0 Mm
Ceres The Sun 473 km 0.3 m/s 446,574.5 Mm 380,903.0 Mm
Pallas The Sun 273 km 0.2 m/s 510,390.2 Mm 319,531.3 Mm
Jupiter The Sun 69,373 km 26.3 m/s 816,107.4 Mm 740,270.4 Mm
Io Jupiter 1,811 km 1.8 m/s 423.5 Mm 420.5 Mm
Europa Jupiter 1,551 km 1.3 m/s 677.6 Mm 664.9 Mm
Ganymede Jupiter 2,624 km 1.4 m/s 1,072.1 Mm 1,069.5 Mm
Callisto Jupiter 2,409 km 1.2 m/s 1,898.8 Mm 1,868.8 Mm
Saturn The Sun 57,216 km 11.6 m/s 1,501,027.3 Mm 1,348,650.3 Mm
Mimas Saturn 198 km 0.1 m/s 189.3 Mm 182.7 Mm
Enceladus Saturn 252 km 0.1 m/s 239.9 Mm 236.9 Mm
Tethys Saturn 531 km 0.1 m/s 295.3 Mm 294.7 Mm
Dione Saturn 561 km 0.2 m/s 378.3 Mm 377.0 Mm
Rhea Saturn 764 km 0.3 m/s 527.8 Mm 526.6 Mm
Titan Saturn 2,573 km 1.4 m/s 1,257.3 Mm 1,186.6 Mm
Iapetus Saturn 735 km 0.2 m/s 3,662.7 Mm 3,457.6 Mm
Halley The Sun 11 km 0.0 m/s 5,248,238.9 Mm 87,661.1 Mm
Uranus The Sun 24,702 km 9.5 m/s 2,999,299.3 Mm 2,734,366.5 Mm
Ariel Uranus 579 km 0.3 m/s 191.3 Mm 190.6 Mm
Neptune The Sun 24,085 km 11.8 m/s 4,533,842.0 Mm 4,461,069.6 Mm
Triton Neptune 1,353 km 0.8 m/s 354.8 Mm 354.7 Mm
Pluto The Sun 1,187 km 0.6 m/s 7,285,326.3 Mm 4,406,014.9 Mm
Charon Pluto 604 km 0.3 m/s 19,597 km 19,595 km


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    304 YourP0ps

    @SquReal :(

  • Profile image
    2,145 SquReal

    @YourP0ps impossible to add them

    +1 yesterday
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    304 YourP0ps

    Can you please add Lagrange points?

  • Profile image
    2,879 KrAu

    @SimpleRocketPlayer I don't know what to do with this problem either,In the previous update, Jundroo has optimized this problem, but it is still not enough to solve it

    3 days ago
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    What's more is that you can't fully zoom out. You can very easily fix these two bugs by increasing the two exponent values in the planetary system editor by 1.

    5 days ago
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    On mobile when you zoom out the orbit lines disappears this means that you can only see the inner solar system does any one know how to fix this

    5 days ago
  • Profile image
    2,879 KrAu

    @Antonymoran1603 The only solution is to change the atmospheric properties like Droo, but this will make the atmospheric height too low

    6 days ago
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    2,145 SquReal

    @KrAu ok

    6 days ago
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    The atmosphere is too week, when I reenter it doesnt slow it down and reentry plasma only appears at 25,000m and it only lasts a few seconds, this atmosphere in the last version was better, I had to deploy my parachutes higher in the atmosphere in this one, and even at 10,000 m the parachutes were burning up even though the craft is only moving at 42 m/s, would you be able to fix it

    6 days ago
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    2,879 KrAu

    @SquReal If Pedro didn't publish his rss in a short time, would you like to continue to make my rss? Unfortunately, I won't be able to participate in the production again, because I have to prepare for next year's exam

    6 days ago
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    2,879 KrAu

    @NoobsDudes Try reinstalling

    6 days ago
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    2,145 SquReal

    I want someone to continue maintaining this if possible

    +2 6 days ago
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    @KrAu oh, ok
    No problem ;)

    6 days ago
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    @KrAu Android, and no.

    7 days ago
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    at an altitude of 20 km the sky will begin to blacken, but on this earth the sky will blacken above 70 km

    7 days ago
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    2,879 KrAu

    @Antonymoran1603 pedro16797 is making real terrain,But he doesn't know when it will be released

    7 days ago
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    2,879 KrAu

    @NoobsDudes Have you ever used my old version of rss, and will you have the same problem?Is your mobile phone iOS?

    7 days ago
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    2,879 KrAu

    @DoublehshAerospace This may be the last version I can produce, because I will start preparing for next year's exam after August

    +1 7 days ago
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    @KrAu I can't play the game, it crashes whenever I load it. I'm on mobile

    7 days ago
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    When will there be a realistic terrain to launch from

    7 days ago
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    @KrAu hey can I maybe join the team? :)

    7 days ago
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    7 days ago
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    2,879 KrAu

    @theUSSR I think so:)

    7 days ago
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    912 theUSSR

    "no real terrain". Actually all the gas giants have real terrain.

    +1 7 days ago
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    2,879 KrAu

    @NoobsDudes Please describe your problem in detail

    8 days ago
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