This study is presented by Wagner Aviation. Most if not all of the information gathered is gathered from the sources and/or experiments/tests done on the aircraft by Wagner Aviation. This analysis is, to a degree, opinionated. If you do not agree with some of the data collected, feel free to test fly the aircraft presented and experiment. As more aircraft are added to the site, the list will be updated to accommodate said aircraft.
Disclaimer: Not all of the data shown is 100% accurate. In terms of range data, each plane is to climb to it's optimal altitude then data is collected. This means that fuel is not full as the plane reaches is optimal cruise altitude, meaning the range of the aircraft is always at a few dozen kilometers greater than the data collected.

Today we will be looking at several cargo aircraft currently available here on the SR site that are all stock with the exception of two aircraft. (Lechita cargo plane v5, lechita cargo plane)



Range: 6,351 km

Cruise speed 217 m/s

At altitude: 10 km

Max. Cargo load: 137T

MTOW: 700T

Liftoff speed: ~99 m/s

Price per unit: $136.8M

The KA Goliath is one of the newest performance cargo aircraft and the most popular of all of the aircraft on this list. One of the advantages of using this aircraft is not only is it cheap, it is very fuel efficient and has enough range to reach both of the north and south poles of droo from the space center with one tank. The aircraft uses 10 high bypass ratio engines to fly, and a very accessible cargo bay with ramps in the front and back. The downside, though, is that the aircrafts climb rate is slow, meaning that it will take time getting to your performance altitude. This means that you will drain your fuel quickly as you spend a lot of time at low altitudes. The cargo load is also considerably light. It is nothing to sneeze at, but compared to the other aircraft on this list, it does fall behind.

Plane can be found here



Range: 2,322 km

Cruise speed: 165 m/s

At altitude: 10 km

Max. Cargo load: 286T

MTOW: 349T

Liftoff speed: ~70 m/s

Price per unit: $264.5M

The Lechita cargo plane is one of the most reliable aircraft on this list. With the controls crude and simple, and with a hefty cargo load, you are guaranteed to get the job done with relative ease. The aircraft is maneuverable and easy to land, and the flight characteristics are smooth and predictable, making for a nice base-level beginner type aircraft. A disadvantage of this aircraft is its slow cruising speed. The aircraft has a low stall speed, meaning that you are able to carry a good amount of cargo without worrying about stalling.

Plane can be found here



Range: 1,180 km

Cruise speed: 240 m/s

At altitude: 11km

Max. Cargo load: 900T^

MTOW: 4,000T

Liftoff speed: ~140 m/s

Price per unit: ~$4.9B

This aircraft is by far the largest, heaviest, and most expensive aircraft on this list. Although the engines are upscaled, they still stay true to their physics properties, which is the only reason I am including this aircraft on the list. The aircraft sports six extremely large and heavy engines that push this complete powerhouse of an aircraft. Because the price of these engines are abysmally high, you should not be expecting to use this in any type of campaign mode in the future, as the plane costs nearly 5 billion dollars each. The aircraft is also prone to stalling as its heavy weight does hinder climbing performance.

Plane can be found here



Range: 1,615 km

Cruise speed: 240 m/s

At altitude: 10 km

Max. cargo load: 300T (metric)

MTOW: 533T (metric)

Liftoff speed: 130 m/s

Price per unit: $197M

The warbler cargo plane is the newest plane by Wagner Aircraft. The engines are efficient and powerful, pushing a smaller aircraft while still maintaining a decent cargo load. The cruising speed is nice and fast but the range is on the shorter side compared to the rest on this list. The aircraft has a spacious and accessible cargo bay with a sturdy airframe and airbrakes for a good flight experience. However, the aircraft is unreliable on the ground, as the landing gear has a tendency of spinning without yaw input, and finicky ground controls, even on takeoff. The aircraft also has a hard time climbing over 10 km to get to its optimal altitude.

Plane can be found here



Range: 625 km

Cruise speed: 290 m/s

At altitude: 10km

Max. cargo load: 273T

MTOW: 299T

Liftoff speed: 90 m/s

Price per unit: $364M

This is by far the fastest aircraft on this list but the one with the shortest range. For its size and weight, it is an amazing plane . The aircraft has an aerodynamic and futuristic design that allows it to have its amazing performance. The flight experience is smooth, almost as smooth at the lechita cargo plane (v1) and with an unobstructed cargo bay, you can put almost anything in it. One disadvantage, though is that the aircraft has its pitch controls inverted out of shop, and again, the range is very short which means you won't fly far before running out of fuel. The speed makes up for the range as the aircraft cruises at nearly mach 1.

Plane can be found here



Range: 1,277 km

Cruise speed: 180 m/s

At altitude: 10km

Max. cargo load: 150T

MTOW: 317T

Liftoff speed: 120 m/s

Price per unit: $120M

The Sergal light is the successor to the giant Sergal Cargo Plane aircraft by Merso Aerospace. Created with the purpose of carrying shuttles on top of its fuselage, it can also double as a cargo plane. The aircraft uses two very small engines as a powerhouse and uses its huge wingspan to lift off of the ground. The engines save plenty of fuel for good range and a smooth flight. The aircraft does not come with yaw controls and the engines provide a considerably slow climb and cruise speed. However, you should use this aircraft as it is titled, lightly. This aircraft was not designed to carry too much extra weight. As one of the most inexpensive aircraft on this list while still having competitive performance, it is quite the workhorse.

Plane can be found here



Range: 2,500 km

Cruise speed: 215 m/s

At altitude: 10km

Max. cargo load: 44T

MTOW: 120T

Liftoff speed: 70 m/s

Price per unit: $37M

The Merso Aerospace SCP-342 is one of the smallest aircraft on this list. Coming in at a mere 37 million per unit, the aircraft has good cargo ability and does it in style. This aircraft is essentially a heavily modified B-737-200. A capable and decent cargo aircraft with a good cargo load for its size. Any aerospace company looking for a highly affordable but lightweight aircraft should definitely take a look at this one. Some flaw are that the landing gear do suffer from a glitch where they shake and wobble, and the flight characteristics as low speeds can be a little unpredictable. Where this aircraft lacks in ground capability it makes up for in its very reliable autopilot system.

Plane can be found here



The Avondale is a small private jet aircraft converted into a cargo aircraft. Its unique, light design and procedural landing gear make it a reliable aircraft on the ground, and the aircraft has competitive range. The small and very nimble aircraft makes for a unique fit in this list. Although fast and maneuverable, the plane is significantly smaller than the SCP-342 and carries a very insignificant amount of cargo compared to the rest of the planes on this list. The cargo bay is small and narrow, and the roll rate is very powerful. So powerful that it, along with the inverted rudder controls, make for an extremely unreliable and even dangerous autopilot system. Overall, this is not a very effective cargo aircraft, however it does introduce some unique and interesting design ideas.

Range: 2,324 km

Cruise speed: 240 m/s

At altitude: 11km

Max. cargo load: 20T


Liftoff speed: 105 m/s

Price per unit: $5.8M

Plane can be found here

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