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"Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough." - Elon Musk

Max-Q Aerospace

Max-Q Aerospace specializes in Orbital Modules of all sorts, Landers, Launchers, Satellites, Planes and Rocket engines.

Project Soteria

In Greek mythology, Soteria was the goddess of safety, salvation, deliverance, and preservation from harm.
The main goal of the Max-Q space program is Project Soteria
Max-Q Aerospace is planning to create a system of colonies and space stations on Luna.
This program is designed as a stepping stone for future exploration and to ensure the safety and salvation of the human race.

One 50 person colony on the north pole.
One 100 person colony at the equator.
One 100 person colony 45 degrees from the equator.
Two space stations, one in polar orbit and the other in equatorial low moon orbit.

Mission Tracking

Phase 1 - Done
Phase 2 - In Progress O
Phase 3 - Not started

Maximum Dynamic Pressure

A collection of 3 aircraft each with there own purpose's that can make an entire land-based, high speed force.
Q-10 - Maximum Finished
The Q-10 was designed to push the Maximum limits of speed and controllability for a plane of its type and class. Capable of flying at 20,000 meters high, and flying up to Mach 2, the Q-10 is the quickest defense and reconnaissance craft of the Max-Q fleet.
S-30 - Dynamic [Unfinished]
Classified until further notice.
Q-21 - Pressure [Unfinished]
Classified until further notice.

Groups and Projects List
I am a proud member of Explorer Co.
Current Projects
SPS-76 Harmony (Space Station)
Nova Rocket Family O
Maximum Dynamic Pressure Planes (Coming soon)
SSTO 1 - (Coming Soon)