It would be nice to have a way to connect fuel tanks and transfer fuel between them. For example, when doing asparagus type craft, it would save fuel efficiency if you could drain fuel into the next pair of engines. When the first pair of engines run out of fuel, you will drop them and the rest of your fuel tanks will be full.

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    278 MrTaco

    Yup, I just want them to add it.@Fifcie

    2 months ago
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    30 Fifcie

    I'm copying same suggestion from me which I posted on Steam earlier, since it contains some arguments why fuel lines are important.

    "Better fuel flow management (or easier to get the grasp of). Currently it's a bit hard to deduce which tanks are used and in what order, if you have side boosters attached. Adding some sort of invisible (to not ruin the visuals) fuel ducts would make it easy to make more complex rockets designs (I know asparagus staging isn't really realistic, but well, we KSP players got used to it and love it). Currently, if you add side boosters, you can't easily make the main rocket's engine (which is bigger and uses more fuel) to use fuel from them too, so that they will run out of fuel first. I had to work around this by making the side boosters' engines stronger, which emptied them before the main rocket got emptied by its huge engine. Also, I haven't tested it yet, but if fuel weight affects physics (like, airplane getting heavier in front after fuel from its back is burned), then being able to customize fuel drainage priority would make it easier to make stable designs. Honestly, if I were to pick one suggestion which is really a must-have, it's this one."
    PS. Upvoted, of course ^^

    +1 2 months ago
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    Yes! Technically possible by draining and filling tanks reactively during flight, but its a royal pain to do. I spent a good 5 minutes searching for fuel lines and was surprised they weren't there

    +1 3 months ago
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    1,576 tsampoy

    Ksp Style.

    3 months ago


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