Be sure to mute your speaker, it has horrible noise

You can see I have 2 different cores which directs different directions. However if I take control over nadir facing core, my attitude reference still face front. If it changes with control core's direction, it would be much easier to control craft.

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    @AnotherFireFox Hopefully the next update (currently unreleased) will address your issues. If not, let me know and I might be able to slip in some additional tweaks before the final release.

    +1 5 months ago
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    This is something I will want to keep in mind while working on this this task.

    +2 7 months ago
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    135 donwea

    Adding to this, it would be awesome if you could set an artificial heading (or 'up') to your command pods and chips on the designer regardless of their actual orientation. That way you wouldn't be limited to placing them in a specific place or orientation.

    +4 7 months ago


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