• We need a way (optional) to slave one command pod to another when docking craft. That way activation groups and other inputs can fire for both craft together without the need to select multiple command pods.
  • Solar panels should also charge batteries in all craft automatically.
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    3,752 Kell


    one month ago
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    3 months ago
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    @AndrewGarrison Remember the special handling for RCS

    +1 4 months ago
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    What about a button on command pod to set it to Master, and all other command pods in the craft will then go into Repeat mode and just repeat the inputs from the master command pod. They would also mirror the activation group states of the Master command pod.

    When docking happens, a panel should pop up to give the player the ability to easily set the master command pod and also rename the docked craft.

    Edit: Attitude control should be re-calculated from the master command pod as well so that RCS/gyro/etc will respond correctly to stabilizing inputs.

    +4 4 months ago


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