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I am CT, and I help try and keep this website nice and tidy for the most part. I also own the "SimpleRockets Chat" Discord server which is an unofficial SR2 server with a few channels where you can discuss almost anything you can imagine.

Contact Methods

If for some reason you really need to contact me and you can't do it via the website, you can probably catch me on Discord using this tag: Ctracerx2#0001 or steam using the ID: Ctracerx2

Moderator Comments Section

Legend has it CT was kidnapped by snails and forced to join their kind. - Dorian

How dare you confine us to the bottom of your bio. We're the important part, not the above rubbish. Shame on you. Shame. On. You. - Tully

What they said - Clory

Previously known as Ctracerx2