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Membre de la "Communauté Francophone de SimplePlanes" (CFSP)
Member of the "Communauté Francophone de SimplePlanes" (CFSP)

My Simple Planes Account

Hi, I am one of the first people to try Simple Rockets 2. When I moved to St. Louis, Missouri in the summer of 2018, I made it right it time for the Pixel Pop Festival, which was an event where people shared video games and board games they made. Jundroo was showing their game for the first time, thus I got to be one of the first to not only play SR 2, but play SR 2 alongside the Jundroo developers, which were great to finally meet. Later, I was selected as the 9th, 10th, or 11th (not exactly sure which, but 10th I believe) BETA tester for SR 2... which at the time was private.

Me: Bad cheated (XML modded) rockets, bad planes, bad cheated boats, and bad cheated vehicles. I am the founder and owner of the CreuiRecta.

Also, I learned how to XML mode. If anyone wants an XML modded object, I will create it for you with pleasure. I can do things like changing guns ammo limit, firing speed, burst speed, bullet color, or add more blade counts to propellers and much much much more. Just order here. :-)

This is a list of planes I am planning on making. No account required to view.

My friends:
-@BlackhattAircrafts = I know him in real life, and he is one of the people who presented Simple Planes to me.
-@Bronanna = He is the second person who presented simple planes to me, and I know him as well.
-@Rodrigo110 = He makes awesome planes. I've been helping him with XML modding because he is an IOS user, and he builds incredible stuff, especially for an IOS user.
-@Awsomur = We've been working on a mod. More specifically, he made the blueprint, and I'm making the mod. It is going to be a large map. Android users, don't get excited (1. It will probably not turn out well. 2. It will probably be way to big for Android devices). (Info on it here on the mod)
-You = If you want to be my friend.

Mods completed: