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Just an average user, not very good with design, suggestions welcome.
I also own Steelwing aerospace
Upcoming Steelwing projects:
Atmos - Aircraft - various purposes
Space Station - orbital utility stations
Hercules - mobile rocket strongbacks
R series lifter rockets - reusable, 2 > 20 tonne orbit capable
Traction - Basic rovers, just to try building them for the first time
Projects underway:
Wyvern - Crew pods like the Boeing Starliner
A series lifter rockets - no specific capabilities, built to be payload specific. Later numbers won’t be improved, just be in order of release
L series lifter rockets - 0 > 2 tonne orbit capable
M series lifter rockets - 2 > 20 tonne orbit capable
H series lifter rockets - 20 > 50 tonne orbit capable
SH series lifter rockets - 50+ tonne orbit capable
Steelwing lunar - lunar lander series

Other details about specific craft will be in the descriptions

Previously known as Crazyinferno376