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CEO of SRLA (Simple Rockets Launch Alliance)
Founded in 1989 , our rocket corporation has many applications such as:
-Space station re-supply, and satellite launching, Probe landings, & More!
Our main rockets are the:
SRLA Executive: This baby is your run of the mill spacecraft
Price: $45,000,000
Capability: Up to 20,000lbs (9071 Kg) To an orbit of 350,000 Feet (106 Km)
SRLA Commander: This is our top model its mostly used for interplanetary endeavors
Price: $110,000,000
Capability: 45,000lbs (20411 Kg) To an orbit of 350 miles (563 Km)
SRLA is committed to safety and reliability, Our pristine record shows that.
In fact we have only had 2 failures throughout our history.
So if you want reliable and efficient rockets, our company is for you!
Thank you for your interest in our company, and we hope you choose our company for your applications.
Best Wishes!