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Ok let’s do this one last ti... lol nope anywho hello welcome to my account. (side note: I’m not a furry, so don’t judge my username) anyway moving on, I live in Texas the most boring place ever, the only thing cool is the Johnson space center (no I don’t live in Houston) I like a lot of little known historical rockets like the Thor-Able? Or is it Thor-Delta? CONFUSEMENT 100. I’ve been to Kennedy space center
which is EPIC, I’m planning to go to the sls launch (when it’s ready) my goals are:
Be popular: -000000% lol I have no friends
Get to silver: 0%
Get to gold: also 0%
Be a failure in life: 999999999999999%
Anyway irl I have some friends (still an introvert) and that’s it for my social life, also my town is where Columbia pilot willie mcool (rest in peace) used to live, anyway that’s pretty much it for me.