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Welcome to my profile.
Space Coast Corp.

Headquarters in Merritt Island, Florida
Founded 2018

Rockets variations:

SC-1A (Low Earth orbit vehicle)
• First to be developed.
• Each stage (3) has have the ability to return to earth.

SC-4A (Medium Life Vehicle)

SC-4B (Medium Lift Vehicle/ Multiple Liquid Booster Setup)

SC-6A (Heavy Lift Vehicle)
• 2 Liquid Booster
• 4-5 Stages
• Space station building
• Outer planet exploration mission
• Colonizing
• Large satellites

•All rocket will be reusable to cut cost, and quicker return to flight
Major update:
• I came up with the design that will bring back all the stages, 1-6 depending on the rocket. 100% of the rocket will be reusable.

New: “SC-X”
•The first rocket will be concepts for the fully operational rocket that will become SC-1A block 1.

• Third stage will be a Centaur.

There will be a lot going on and SpaceCoast Corp. will be taking design help from other members of the community. With that help the members will be given the ability to become part of the team. Positions will become available when the company has the ability to expand.

Make success rocket family that can be used by many.

CEO- Planefun

I’m all about rockets and space. I’m from the space coast, and my profile picture is a SpaceX launch. I love all things space.

I’m no longer on SP anymore. I look forward to the friends I made on there and the friends I will make on here.

Glad to be here and let’s make great creations. I will send a boat into space!!

iPhone X

Other game you can find me on:

Infinite flight
Hill climb racing 2 (sp321)
Airline manager