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Hey I'm Noah and I've started playing SimplePlanes roughly 4 years ago, and I've Always been a fan of it, creating something cool on mobile has always been an huge issue about that game but thankfully people started sharing moded parts and it helped me a lot. Theeen... like almost everyone i saw what SpaceX did and I've imidiately developed a huge interest for space stuff, yay now I'm a plane Nerd and an Astro geek. Not long after these events i found out simpleRockets, it was great but then i also discovered Spaceflight simulator, yeah i know it ain't from jundroo but i think it does a slightly better job at space "Creation" but not at the "exploration" part since there is less planet than SimpleRockets, both had there pros and cons but at the end they are both two great games. Now that SimpleRockets 2 is out I will be able to make even cooler things because now i'm on pc and I also have a crazy ton of ideas and project. So if you read this far make sure you go check out my creations and let me know what you think.

P.S I'm looking for collabs because I have a hard time getting my creations to rendez-vous in orbit and dock.