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So I am a space enthusiast and I really enjoy this game. I like to refer to my company as Lobyus Aerospace (I don't have a logo yet). I design mostly planes and sometimes spacecraft. I play on IOS which is not the best for designing crafts but it works just fine and doesn't reduce the progress gress or quality of my designs.

I try to upload a craft as soon as I wake up so that throughout the day I can check its progress. This is so that I can get the most out of every craft while at the same time having a consistent upload schedule.

I try to be very creative with my planes, building things like my L-3 quad jet or my L-6 X-wing. I have worked with custom propulsion which is quite fun, I like to attach missiles to some of my planes. A very successful series I have created are the experimental hovering platforms which can be used in many creative ways. Feel free to use my crafts and modify them because if anything it helps me.

I first started uploading crafts on November 29th, 2020

My discord: Lobyus#7961