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Hi, It’s me Kuiper! (K-eye-per... say it right!) I make half baked crafts here on SR2. I came to SR2 just because I loved the concept of space. The moment I started playing, things got crazy. I suddenly knew a ton about rocketry, orbital mechanics, and other rocket related subjects. I love SR2 because it’s not the kind of easy, mindless space game. It’s not the game that just wants to take every penny off you, like Space Agency. And it still has a long way to go, And many new possibilities. unlike KSP, who has everything pretty locked in.

I am Currently working on my “Neutron 7” Project and need a bit of help

More about the company, Kuiper Aerospace (Kip Aero). I’m actually making it real. Not Mutch to say there tbh.

Things I did for SR2
-Used to be the Matt Lowne of SR2, aka saved some people from space. However, I’m not anymore :(

-got to Tier 10 in CSS v2. The second to ever do so.

Self Records:
Home Page (Achieved 8/29/20)
10 Upvotes (Achieved 8/30/20
20 Upvotes (Achieved 9/3/20)

Most Upvotes: 25 “A drood expresses His feelings”

Anyway, thank you for choosing Kuiper Aerospace as your launch provider.

Previously known as KuiperKraft