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Making orange expendable sticks since late 2019, or was it early 2020? who knows, i don’t keep count.

I strive to make a stock Lunar and Cylero colony within the next few years. Why in a few years you may ask, well, i’m not the most experienced at making things, so most likely you’ll see me use other peoples modules or crafts here and there, of course, with their permission.

I use an iPhone XR and I have no PC, so i’m limited to what i can do especially when it comes to part count.

I own a fictional Aerospace Company known as Nebula Space Agency (NSA), and I have a discord server for it, so feel free to join it!

Discord user: Koro#3281
Discord server: click here

Also check out some of the following users: Kelly, Nico, Rafaele, Forwind, and HalfAssedSpaceGuy

1) I won’t be uploading a whole lot of stuff or might just quit SR2 entirely for a long period of time due to school.

1) hamburber

“No one said it had to look good, they only said that it had to work.”

“if you can’t explain something, just say ‘yes’ and you’ll be fine”

“never give up, even when everything seems lost, just keep fighting and you’ll make it to the end”

“if you get a rocket to lift 10 tons to the moon, you can get it to bring 50 tons to the red planet. ‘But my craft can’t get there’ you may say, my response is to make it reach there, don’t know how to? Learn.”

Click if you dare lol

Previously known as Sneezitz, KoroAerospace