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I like making celestial bodies. My current project is recreating the Solar System in SR2 through albedo and height data gathered from satellites.


5/29/2020 - My first uploaded celestial body
7/3/2020 - My only celestial body to be upvoted by Andrew himself
8/30/2020 - My first real terrain celestial body
8/31/2020 - My first (albeit very crappy and rushed) version of Solar System
10/17/2020 - My first good version of Solar System
10/23/2020 - My first uploaded craft
12/11/2020 - My best version of Earth with efficiently implemented true color, cloud overlay, city lights, Cape Canaveral as well as better modifier names in Planet Studio
2/1/2021 - An moon of Urados in the revamped Juno System is announced to be named as a play on the words Hypatch and Hyperion