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Hi, I'm Hashy ;)
I make very simple crafts, but I like to make them as realistic as possible.
My channel:

Prime sponsors:

Rafaele, InfinityTechnology, FoxtrotSergal, Nico420, Gozinya, TestRunner

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lol not even gonna note upvote amounts anymore

Note: I have a "company" called "HSH Aeronautics inc." , this company is fictional and is only part of this website and the SP website.
P.S. HSH comes from: Doublehsh or Doublehash

Upcoming crafts:

Saon XE-95 "NineStrike"
VXT1V2 “Comanche” (STOVL plane)
Valken Val-52 “Inceptor”
Valoran Va-142 "Rapid Cyclone" (Nuclear Bomber)
(Boat) VAC "SeaDrake"
* Rocket:
Saon Aerospace Fulcrum

Recently finished:

-(Random) Rockets:

SpaceX BFR (w. Launch pad)
Estes Model Rocket
SpaceX Spacecraft
SpaceX Spacecraft 2
SpaceX Pad Abort Test
SpaceX BFR Moon Rocket
Updated SpaceX BFR Moon Rocket
Custom SLS with Orion Capsule
SpaceX Starship (NASA Version)
Uranus Space Station
SpaceX launch abort test (Vizzy)
Uragan (Not that good)
N1 soviet moon rocket
Saturn V with moon base
Soyuz rocket w. Capsule
Mars rocket for beginners
Convair Nexus
Updated SpaceX L.A.B. (Vizzy)
Simple Falcon 9
Simple Falcon 9 (UPD)
Simple New Shepard
N1 soviet moon rocket (UPD)


Saon LE34a "Juggernaut"
Saon XE-95 "NineStrike
Saon Ulev 9

-CP series:

CP-1 “Dragonfly”


Ax-59 “NoiseStorm”

-Aurora Class:

VXT1S1 “Apex Predator”

-SkyHopper series:

SkyHopper “X-15” (w. Missile)
SkyHopper "X-15" w. "Azure" Carrier

SkyHopper A4M “Vortex”

-Swallow series:

Swallow 55 supersonic bomber

-Sundown series:

TC-1 "AeroJet"
TC-2 “Axel”


USAF X-15 Carrier launch
Landing Starship on the moon
Uranus Space Station
Recreating SpaceX's launch abort test
Soviet Moon Mission
Tutorial: Land on Mars


Elon Mars

Highlighted crafts (most upvotes, personal favorites:

[RSS] Flying Dutchman, personal favorite, most upvotes

Simple falcon 9 (UPD), personal favorite

N1 soviet moon rocket, most upvotes, personal favorite

Updated SpaceX BFR moon rocket, personal favorite

Uragan, personal favorite

Uranus Space Station, personal favorite

Previously known as Doublehsh

Previously known as Doublehsh, DoublehshAerospace, DoublehshAircraftinc