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thanks to all MY AMAZING FREINDS for the support i really appreciate it. i mainly like comments because i can chat to people but i REALLY do appreciate upvotes as it helps me out SO much im very shy in real life but im very social on this web.

THANKS TO GRIFFINAEROSPACE for the follow i will help you out as much as i can

samthefox if you see this message.. i just wanted to let you know.. you saved me and my account.. i was on the EDGE of deleting my useless new account and leaving the simplerockets 2 community
sam..your not just samthefox your my freind:) you comment on my uploads and you upvote them and it really helps me out. i never used to get notifications but now i get ATLEAST 3 a day and i love chatting with you sam and all my other amazing freinds. sam. youve inspired me to continue uploading.


expect a memorial made in your honor to thank yu for what you did!:)

THANKS GRIFFINAEROSPACE! i will put your name on the side of perserverance-1 and if you want i will make you a statue too!

and SamTheFox will have a statue and his name on perseverance-1 aswell.

note: sam and GRIFFIN you both help me out. around a month ago i was not really interested in my account but now you guys helped me. i PROMISE i will do the same.

NOTE: if anyone is wondering what the little words are under CYLEROSPACE on my profile pic...

it says: a HORIZONSPACE project. i really gotta change my profile pic and username at some point over the next 3 days CYLEROSPACE was the username i went under for the CYLERO 1 mission so its a bit old now lol.

special thanks to SamTheFox and GRIFFINAEROSPACE

follow me on tiktok (news 4 wales tiktok) is my username. for more facts , sad stories , rare clips , travel recommendations