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Hello I'm Gen3ralInterstel1ar and I'm still relatively new to the game and I hope to be able to give you guys cool craft!!! My space company is Interstellar. P.s. I am using the kerbal system and the inner planets system maps for my creations, and I play on a tablet so the craft cant be super big, I also don't have discord or youtube or any social media outlets so this is the only way to contact me.And yes I'm a fan of the Warriors series by erin hunter.
Inner planets by, HyperPatch
Kerbol system v1.1 by, SergejGrauberger
Feel free to to use my craft in movies or videos
I own:
The Atlas series of trucks
Atlas radar truck.
Atlas cargo truck.
Atlas work truck.
The Merlin series of cars and vans
Merlin terrestrial SUV.
Mosquito rover series
Mosquito rover
I.R.M.A (which stands for Interstellar Reconnaissance Manned Aircraft or I.R.M.A)
Interstellar hopper series
Interstellar hopper t-1.
Speedy scout rover.
The bush is always watching!!
Interst3ll4r S4nd6l4st3r
Needlepoint satellite