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My alt where I might post random stuff


Dawn: the future of small launcher.

800kg to leo
550kn of thrust
2 high-performance stages

optimized for low cost and simplicity

As low as $400k/100kg LDO
3D printed unibody tank
0 fixed tooling

Security from ground to orbit

Advanced auto flight control
Full-flight all-data monitoring
Low altitude engine-out capability

Preorder your flight NOW

Latest news

Dec 4 FalconAero announce Dawn

Dawn is our new small satellite launcher. It's designed to carry small payload to LDO and SSO with very high flexibility and very low cost. Dawn will launch in 2022. Article

Dec 7 DASX will be our first customer

We are happy to announce that we just had our first customer. DASX is getting DLXSAT ready for launch onboard our all-new Dawn rocket which will lift off early next year. Article

Dec 8 Static fire of the first dawn booster is complete

Earlier today we conducted the first successful test-fire of dawn booster. All 4 Aquila-B engines performed normally. Article

DEC 28 FalconAero announce partnership with Newsight

We officially announce our partnership with Newsight, a startup company aiming to create satellites...Article

Jan 9 Dawn is launching soon!

We are currently targeting Jan 15, 14:00 GMT for the liftoff of LV001 carrying DLXsat to LDO. Stream

JAN 16 FalconAero successfully launched the first dawn vehicle

On January 15, the first dawn vehicle carrying DLXSAT by DASX successfully liftoff from LC-1 and reached a stable orbit. Article

APR 2 We are go for flight 2!

The dawn rocket is ready to fly for the second time! Article

FalconAero 2021

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Side note: you know my old profile picture?

It's from this
What happened to me was a long story. The comic is not about me nor written by me tho.


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Or not

Status: making idk

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P. S. Am I approaching 5000? (I got it!)

Hi, I'm FAS
I like making shuttles (but I fail) and huge rocket.
I have some nice programs like HLV series.(update: this program is finished)
My English is not so good.

My best capsule to now-Firmament Crew

A great rocket for RSS computer and mod user-briz-ME

Still delaying alpha
Sorry about that

250 point: got it
500 point: got it
1000 point: got it
2000 point: got it
3500 point: got it
5000 point:yesssss
7500 point:great!
10000 point:yesyesyes!!!!!!!!!
Feel free to give me suggestions :)

Note: I'm Chinese

Previously known as ziyi, FalconAerospaceFAS