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  Hello, everyone, I am a debris, a diligent rocket debris, I am committed to make the rocket better, let more people have a choice, I also hope that you can support me, encourage me, let me further, bring more high-quality works.       (Although I'm not doing a very good job)

My BiliBili number: debris is UID: 1087383294

There are a lot of videos in my home page, mainly tend to the "Journey toward space" series, may be a bit of two (manual funny), welcome to watch and one button three, the quality of the video is not particularly good, but can see, some are catch more so the quality is worse, but still want to you see.

Since ancient times, the human fantasy of the sky and space has never stopped, from the first aircraft appeared, to today's free flying, from the first rocket research and development, to touch the past unimaginable dream...... We are small, as a faint speck of dust in the vast sea of stars, but we have an ideal, which is why we go on exploring. As said in Da Liu's The Three-Body Problem, "We are all worms in the gutter, but there are always some of us looking at the stars." In exploring the universe...... Never mind, the universe is a little overkill. Let's talk about the solar system. How many failures have there been in the exploration of the solar system? How many setbacks? Did we give up? No! Did we give up? No! We take the outbreak of science and technology to continue to explore, to today, each country's space and aviation technology has begun to rise, under the leadership of the space powers to build space stations, laboratories, launch sites! The launch of rockets is more and more frequent, the success rate is more high, our pace is open, fast, inspiring the next generation, the next generation...... Let them remember their predecessors, never stopped on the road of exploration!

Finally, welcome everyone if QQ group: simple rocket 2 chat exchange group number: 790014356
(What translation? It's not even right!)

Previously known as DHAS