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I like to design, I like to create, I like to draw, and I like to think deeply. I am also very into space which is why I play simplerockets 2. My goal is to make low part count creations that also have a lot of detail and function. I hope you enjoy them. I also like to make my crafts very sleek and futuristic. I used to play simplerockets 2 on PC, but after I downloaded it on a mobile phone, I realized that it streamlined the process of building crafts so now I play mostly on mobile.

         -The stars shall be our domain-

STARBORN AEROSPACE is my fictional simple rockets 2 aerospace corporation to provide interplanetary and colonization systems to further human expansion.

             -Powering the future-

ENERGiZE CORPORATION provides clean, and efficient energy grids, vehicles for the public, and internet connection services for all.

Below is an idea that I have for the future. It will change every month.

INSIGHT FOR THE FUTURE OF THE MONTH: I believe that our survival as a species depends on space travel. In the future, our sun will die, and take the solar system with it. If we can get a head start on flying in space, then I think that we have a high chance of surviving till the end of the universe.