Your job is to land on, well, land. Something went wrong wit hmy moon mission and this is my first Simplerockets 2 upload, I have played Simpleplanes.


  • Created On: Windows
  • Game Version:
  • Solar System: SolarSystem
  • Planets: 6
  • Game Time: 9.0 days


Name Location Part Count Mass Altitude Velocity
Tutorial Droo 5 0kg 831km 2,685m/s
Craft-15 Sun 1 0kg 201,311.9Mm 258km/s
Craft-16 Sun 1 0kg 433,602.0Mm 539km/s
SimpleRover Luna 90 0kg Ground 0m/s
New Droo 4 0kg 931km 2,675m/s
Craft-34 Droo 3 0kg 539km 2,865m/s
SimpleCargo Droo 25 0kg 2.3Mm 1,933m/s
To the Moon But not Back Droo 10 3,645kg 13km 286m/s

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